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imageCLASS D1550 always tries to do 2 side printing


Hello, I am having trouble with a Canon  Image Class D1550 from 2016 where it always tries to print documents from 2 sides.

I have deleted and reinstalled the drivers of the printer, I have made sure that the setting on the drivers, the printer, and the software using to print documents (PDF and Word) are set to print one side only.

Even though the printer actually prints in one side, it tries to do 2 sides (the papers comes out from the tray, then back in, then back out with the print, and the result is that it prints on the back of the paper only. So this printer can only print on the opposite side of the paper. 

This is trouble since we use some templates of paper with a pre set title, so the content of the paper is always printed in the reverse of the paper instead of the front.

Something else important to mention is that the printer is both connected to a USB cable to a desktop and also set up in a wireless network using wi-fi. The error happens in any computer that connects to it on the network and the one connected using a USB cable.

If anyone can help determining what configuration may be causing this it would be appreciated.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Kcstech.

If the paper is being pulled back in even if it does not print on the other side, you can try switching the paper feed method for the paper trays from print side priority to speed priority.


<Common Settings> 

 <Switch Paper Feed Method> 

 Select the paper source 

 Select <Speed Priority> 

I'm having the same problem with my ImageClass MF741Cdw. I just checked the  <Switch Paper Feed Method> setting, and it was already set to <Speed Priority> for both sources.

Any other suggestions?

Hi There!

As you are having issues with a different printer, we request that you create a new thread for your concerns. This way if others have the same printer as you they can easily find your post and any potential solutions!

Thanks so much!