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imageCLASS D1120 won't scan after Windows update


I have had a Canon ImageCLASS D1120 working well for a long time, through several Windows OS systems

After Update to Windows 11, My D1120 will print fine, but will not scan until I go into Windows Settings, remove the printer, restart the computer, and designate it default printer. then it scans fine until the next day when I will have to repeat the process. the error message says the computer cannot communicate with the printer, even though print function works fine. I am using USB connection, Canon MF toolbox 4.9, Eset  security




After an OS upgrade, its usually recommended that peripheral devices get re-installed if they do not function as expected.  

Drivers for your product can be found here:

Canon Support for imageCLASS D1120 | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

However, your situation might be addressed using the following solution.

This patch might solve your scanning issue.  See its notes below.  Be sure to restart, not shutdown.

Patch download (Canon)

This patch resolves an issue that prevents scanning over a network or with a USB connection after upgrading Windows to a newer version. If you cannot scan over a network or with a USB connection, install this patch. If installing (or reinstalling) the MF driver, be sure to first restart (not shut down) your PC after driver installation is complete, and then install this patch.

Note.  The Toolbox software does not provide printing support.  If the patch above does not resolve your scanning issue, I recommend you remove and reinstall the device.  Steps: Disconnect the device's USB connection, remove the printer manually, remove its software and restart the system.  Now reinstall its drivers.  Do not connect the USB cable until prompted to do so.

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