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Maxify MB5120 Error Code 5501 After Firmware Update


After performing a firmware update to my Maxify MB5120, I consistently receive error code 5501, regardless of what kind of cartridges, or even if cartridges are installed after it starts up. Is there a way to hard reboot the model and load a firmware onto a USB drive to insert into it?

I am unable to get to the menu of the printer itself, so cannot get to the "Maintenance" part to attempt another firmware update.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Jkhinsocal,

The 5501 error would point to a hardware issue with the printer. The error point to an issue detecting an ink tank. The error could be cause by the incorrect ink tank being loaded, one of the tanks not being seated properly, or one of the ink tanks malfunctioning. The issue could also be caused by a third party tank causing an issue with the ink system.

In this situation, I would suggest checking with support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666 or checking your service options by logging into your MyCanon account.

I have sent the printer to repairs as I tried various seatings and various cartridges. It was at this time that I also discovered a pooling of ink beneath my printer and it moved beyond my capacity. 

Canon Support would not assist because I hadn’t purchased an extended service plan and there was a conflict with warranty coverage. 

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