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MF733cdw Scanning Too Light. No Place to Adjust Density for Scan to Computer.




Where specifically can I adjust the scan density in the MF733cdw? I scan from the printer to my PC.  Currently, all scans are illegible. I also tried 3rd party scanning software and Scangear software, There is no place to adjust the density.


I have looked everywhere in the MF Scan Utility and the Printer web UI. The closest I can find in the web UI is "Function Settings-> Store/Access Files Settings-> "scan setting" however, once you click in, it is actually "Scan Settings USB Memory Settings" specifically for Scanning to USB Drive which does not help. 


Settings/Registration: Function Settings: TX Settings  > Scan and Send Settings >File Settings Density has no effect either. 


Double sided and single sided scans are affected. 


If you can help, please reply with specifics. I will never purchase another Canon Printer again. 


VuScan is not Canon Software. If you need support for their software, you'll need to contact them. 


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Sadly, this unadjustable too-light scanning seems to be endemic to the Canon SOHO multifuncltion line. You have an MF733cdw, I have an MF4750 and a friend has a yet another model. All have one thing in commmon: you have to jump through hoops to make a usable scan. 


Not acceptable. I don't understand how they shipped even one of these.

I am having the same problem. I am scanning documents with pencil writing and non of the pencil is legible and much of it is invisible. This is about item number 100 of why I hate this machine.

Seriously Cannon, fix your unusable too light scanning to computer problem!!!


I am returning this piece of crap. How can you have a scanner that scans to computers that is completely too light and cannot be read? What a terrible implementation and terrible responses here from support.


Here's the macOS version of the Advanced Mode control panel:

Advanced screenshot.jpg


Not much there, is there?



This means I need to walk to the mf printer, load the papers to be scanned into the adf. Walk back to my desk, pull up scan gear (and make sure scan gear is installed on all PCs) adjust settings, scan and repeat if needed?

These are papers I just printed and need to sign and return. They are basically white outs in a scan. There must be a better way.


Is there really no way to set a DEFAULT of darker scan? Going through the ScanGear menu for every single scan is not a good solution.


So has this issue never been resolved?  I run a MF743 with the same issue.  Can't make permanent enhancements to scanning from the printer itself.  Scanning is illegible.  Using ScanGear helps, but needs to be used every time.  Overall scanning even with ScanGear is pretty bad.  Not pleased.  Canon, how about a driver or firmware update to resolve this issue?

I have the same issue on a MF733 and it makes scanning significantly slower and more cumbersome. Canon really should create a setting to adjust how light/dark a scan is that persists and becomes the new default.

I found this forum post in a web search because I was experiencing the same problem.

Compared to the blown-out scans I was getting, I was able to get much more satisfactory results from the scanner by changing these settings:

Scan Type: PHOTO (Even if it's text and photo, select photo ONLY)
Sharpness: -3
Density: 0
Data Size: Large
And always scan in color even if the page is black and white

I am scanning to a file server using the front panel of the printer. For my use case at least, it seems like any internal "processing" that the printer does really messes up the image. This combination of settings (always scanning in color, photo original type, -3 sharpness) seems to minimize or eliminate image processing done by/inside the scanner. 

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