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MF644cdw - Printer offline


I got a new MF644cdw today. When I first set it up, everything worked fine. I tried printing via wireless mode from 2 different devices and they worked perfectly.


However, a couple of hours later, I tried to print something and I can't get any PC or Mac to connect with the printer. I tried to power off the printer, tried to reconnect it with my wireless router. However, none of these worked.


Anyone had a similar issue? How did you resolve this?


Thank you!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Jensenhsu,


In this situation, you can try checking the printer's wireless signal strength and the printer's IP v4 address using the steps provided in the link HERE. Using the information, you can check why the printer is not responding to the commands from the computer.


If the signal strength is poor, you can try moving the printer to another location and then checking again to see if it improves. Once it has a better signal, you can try printing again to see if it works.


If you have a good signal strength and you are still unable to print, you can check the printer's IP address and see if the computer can get to that address. On your Mac or PC, you can open up a web page and enter the address to see if you can get to a log in page for the printer. If you can't you can try unplugging your router for 5 seconds and then plugging it back in. Once the network is back up, you can try printing again to see if it works.


If you are still unable to print, it is recommended that you contact us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666).  The real time feedback of a live technical support call would be very beneficial in this case.

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