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MF641CW Printer - Are these noises normal when printing?


Our printer makes loud sounds before and after printing. Is this normal? Here's a video of the printer finishing a 5-page print job. The printer finishes and stays on for another 50-ish seconds, occasionally making loud flapping/clunking sounds. It makes these same sounds before printing, too. I'm new to MFPs and am wondering is this is normal. Thanks!




My printer makes that noise after a job or when I turn my machine on sometimes too. I always assumed it was an auto-cleaning function 😬



That does not sound normal to me. Something sounds loose. Is the paper tray mostly full? Are you using Canon brand 054 toner?

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Hello Nsouth,

You can try reseating the toner an reloading the paper to see if the printer stops making so much noise. You can reload the toner using the steps in the link HERE and check for any packing material. if that does not resolve the issue, you can try reloading the paper using the steps in the link HERE. When loading the paper, make sure the paper does not go past the paper fill line shown in step 3.

If you continue to have problems, I would suggest contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to assist checking the issue and can provide any available service options..


Thanks for the responses, all. I have tried reloading the toner and the paper is nowhere near the limit line. However, the sounds persist. I've added some photos below. It looks like our black toner is Canon brand, but the colored toner is 3rd party.

I don't know it's related, but it looks like there's a mess from the yellow toner. It looks like it's spilled onto some of the internal mechanisms. Sorry to sound ignorant, but how big of a deal is that?