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MF624Cw stuck "offline"


My MF624CW is connected wirelessly to a Windows 10 computer. It worked fine for years, but now will not print.


The scan function works wirelessly (using MFScan Utility and initiating the scan from the computer). The printer's copy function works.


But when I print from the computer (either from a document or “Print a Test Page”), the item arrives in the Windows Print Queue but goes no further.


Windows says the printer is “offline”.


Windows Printer Troubleshooter reports that the printer is turned off (which it isn't) and then is unable to find any other problem.


So far, I have tried the following corrective actions:

  1. I re-established the printer's network connection.
  2. I rebooted all items (computer, printer, router, all at the same time) multiple times, after emptying the print queue and leaving the router off for 20 seconds between boots.
  3. I replaced the printer driver and USB Scan Driver Patch, and then rebooted (after emptying the print queue).

What next?




Good Morning,

Printer showing as offline:


Communication issue between the computer and printer.


Typically caused by:

IP address of printer changing and the computer trying to use an incorrect address to communicate

It can also be the result of a 3rd party AV of firewall software if used


The typical fix is assigning the printer a static IP, ensuring persistence.  This only needs to be done once.

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Thank-you for your reply!


>> Communication issue between the computer and printer. <<
Does this mean that the scan and print functions are communicated via different means? (as the scan works but print does not work)




If one works, they should both work technically, but the device showing offline indicates the communication failure.


What IP does the printer have?

What IP is the computer using to try and communicate with?


Do you have the IJ networking Utility installed?  That can be used to change the printer's IP easily if its different that what the computer thinks it is.


How to check...


Log into your router and look at atached devices.


Printer is assigned IP ?

Computer is assigned IP?


Now open Control Panel > Device and Printers > right-click on the printer icon


Select Printer Properties from the context menu, then the ports tab.  Read the list, the printer will be using either WSD or an IP address to communicate.  


WSD isn't as reliable as TCP/IP


If the IJ Networking Utility is installed, you can update the printers IP to match what the router has assigned to it.  If you are using DHCP, the router may assign a (new) different IP each time the printer is used...  especially true if it goes for long periods of inactivity between use.  If this is different that what the computer used previously, the printer will show offline since the computer is trying to communicate using an IP which doesn't exist or has changed.  


If the IJ Networking Utility is not present, and you don't want to fiddle with this constantly, I'd assign the printer a static IP.  Then delete the printer (right-click).  Now add it again selecting the printer I want isn't listed, then hightlight the TCP/IP radio button and entering the IP of the printer (you will know) since you confirmed it in the router's settings.  

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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Andy54,


The scanner and printer ports are separate and there can be times when you can scan but you can't print. I would suggest going into the printer portion of control panel and right clicking and selecting the option to remove device for any connections for the printer. You can get there by pressing the Windows key and the letter R key at the same time on your keyboard. In the run box that appears, you can type in control printers and click OK.


Once you have removed all of the connections for the printer, you can reinstall the UFRII/UFRLTV4 printer Dirver V7.1.2 using the link provided HERE. If you continue to have issues after the reinstall, you can try turning off any security/firewall software that might be blocking the port used for printing.