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MF453dw Volume Control Missing


When the printer beeps, it is so soft I can barely hear it.  I'd like to increase the volume, but the volume control shown in the manual doesn't exist.  I can press what the manual terms the Sound Volume Key, but all it shows is a list of items for which I can turn the beep on or off.  There is no volume up/down slider like shown in the manual.  Please advise.

Oh, and the printer tells me that I have the latest firmware installed, but I don't see anything that indicates the version number, on the console or in the remote UI.  Is this information available?  I like to post it when requesting support! 🙂



If your printer does not display the volume slider when the Sound button is pressed, I'd call Canon for clarification and support.


Canon Support: 1 (800) 652-2666

Bay Area - CA

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Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately the phone call was a waste of time.  After responding to several robot questions, I was simply told they are closed and to call back later, with no indication of when they are open.  Oh well!  Guess I'll try next week.

BTW, I suspect the missing volume control is related to having a non-fax model, or an almost-all-in-one.

FYI, the volume settings are only available in the version of the printer which includes faxing over phone lines.  The manual is wrong when it states "You can set the volume of each of these sounds individually."

In addition, on Windows 10 there are no on-screen notifications when a problem (no paper, jam, etc.) occurs.  So unless one can hear the very faint, tinny beep which occurs once/problem, the only way to know there is a problem with this printer is to look at it.

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