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MAXIFY GX5020 Error Code 1303


1. I get the error on my printer I get the 1303 error code on the printer display. I got another one too but I can't remember the error code number.

2. I have not contacted support as I get home late and they have closed for the day. Unless I'm looking at the wrong hours.

It would be nice to find a resolution to my problem. I'm very frustrated that I have a $400 printer that doesn't work like it should. Please help me. Thank you.




To have a better understanding of your issue, please let everyone know the model of the printer you have, the operating system on your computer, and any other relevant information that may be helpful.

If this is a time-sensitive matter, please check out your other support options here.


We see you posted recently about different problem on a MAXIFY GX5020.  In accordance with my colleague's request, please let us know whether the error code you mentioned is appearing on this printer or a different one.

I have the maxify megatank GX5020. I have a macbook currently using macos Big Spur. The error code appears on the printer display. Its the printer not my computer.


Please see the following KB articles:

Canon Knowledge Base - Remove Jammed Paper from the Rear Side of the Printer - GX5020

Canon Knowledge Base - Paper Jams - GX5020

Canon Knowledge Base - Paper Does Not Feed Properly - GX5020

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