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LBP6000 not compatible with Monterey 12.4 and Canon say no longer supported


After spending about 3 hours with Apple they called Canon to find out about updating LBP6000 printer to be compatible with Monterey 12.4. It worked perfectly 3 days ago before I updated my Mac OS from 12.3.1 to 12.4. When talking with Canon support they said they no longer support this printer and they could offer me a 10 % discount and free shipping on a new printer that works with this Mac OS system. I told them this was unethical. They replied then that the printer driver may be updated in the next few days. I asked for technical support to confirm how long I may have to wait for this possible update and was left on hold for about 30 min. Then I gave up and came here to explain the issue. If huge companies like Canon and Apple can technically fail to communicate a simple update so that perfectly working printers can connect and work with updates in their systems. And, instead they pass the responsibility onto their customers who are required to pay money to "fix the problem", I think this is beyond comprehension and makes these two companies look terribly bad.

All I ask is that the new updated software of Mac OS be recognize my LBP6000 that is working well and Canon work with Apple to update it's driver, so I can return to business and not have to hand write my invoices.


Product Expert
Product Expert


The drivers for 12.3.1 will usually work with the other version of 12. We would be happy to assist further with the issue in the forums. To provide some feedback or some troubleshooting steps, we would need some additional information. If you could reply to this message with the information below, we can provide some assistance.

  1. Are you getting an error when you try to use the printer on 12.4 or what problems are you running into?
  2. Do you get any errors when you try to install the latest version of the driver from our support site?


In Printers and Scanners the printer could not be found to be added. I spent 3 hours more with Apple and after deinstalling reinstalling it was the same message. "Cannot connect to printer". Canon offered 10% and said that they may update to be compatible with Mac 12.4 but nothing yet. The printer was working perfectly on 12.3 but now nothing. Thank you for your response.


Yep, I am in the same exact boat as you. Thank you for taking the time to try to get that all sorted. This is absolutely frustrating because you can easily still buy this canon printer online. What if someone buys it then learns they can't use it but then they can't return it because it was already opened? This isn't cool.


That's why my MacBook Air is still running on Catalina.

I've tempted to buy a new MacBook but I won't for the time being because then I would need to buy a new printer as well which is rather ludicrous, I think.



This is from the support site for your product.  States support for Monterey v12.4


Are you certain you were using the correct drivers for your product?

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I did try that driver and still didn't have any luck. Hopefully it works for other people though! Luckily, I rarely need a printer. I hadn't used my printer in awhile, so I can just go to my local library or something and print it from there. Whenever that will be!

It may say that it supports Monterey v12.4 but when you look into details drivers don't go beyond BigSur !


After about 10 hours of support by telephone to solve the issue of my printers, and cameras being incompatible with Monterey 12.4 someone suggested I take it to the Apple store and the issue was the thunder port thing that connects to the USB cable which was a 2 minute fix and now all my devices are working well. It was a relief but all that time was spent and the confusion was frustrating. 

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