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Imageclass MF743Cdw prints too light. How to get it darker?


My new (bought in October) Imagelcass has yet to print black in full black. It's very light, almost greyscale.  Color prints fine but the black is more of a grey.  I can adjust print settings when making copies, but can't find a way to make it "print" darker.  I use a PC, not a Mac.  Suggestions?



How to fix the “lighter looking” / slightly “washed out” printing of a Canon MF740 Series laser printer (Canon Color ImageClass MF743Cdw).


I noticed the brand new Canon MF743Cdw was printing what I would call “washed out” Color. Even on Black/Text only prints, it looked almost “Lite-Brown” or like some sort of Lighter Grayscale instead of a “Deep True Black”. It was very noticeable compared to several Canon Color ImageClass MF730 Series / MF733Cdw printers I had previously installed and configured.


To fix this…I followed this procedure and now the MF740 Series / MF743Ddw is printing like expected…like a champion with full vibrant Color and great rich deep Blacks when printing either B&W or Color.


Three (3) Steps to Great Color & Deep Blacks –

  1. Clean Fixing Assembly -
    Go to the Home Screen  >  Menu  >  Adjustment/Maintenance  >   Maintenance  >  Clean Fixing Assembly  >  Select ‘OK’  >  Then, Select ’Start’ (in the lower righthand corner of the Printer Display, and let it do its thing).
  2. Correct Print Color Mismatch -
    Next, go to the Home Screen  >  Menu  >  Adjustment/Maintenance  >  Adjust Image Quality  >  Correct Print Color Mismatch  >  Select ’Start’ (in the lower righthand corner of the Printer’s Display, and let it do its thing).
  3. Auto Adjust Gradation - Full Adjust - (This is a more robust sequence than the initial Startup Color Adjustment when the printer was first turned ON.)
    Go to the Home Screen  >  Menu  > Adjustment/Maintenance  >  Adjust Image Quality  > Auto Adjust Gradation  >  Full Adjust  > Select ‘OK’ (it will list 4 Steps)…
    1. Print Image 1 for adjustment.
    2. Scan the printed Image 1 for adjustment.
    3. Print Image 2 for adjustment.
    4. Scan the printed Image 2 for adjust.
      Select ’Start’ (in the lower righthand corner of the Printer’s Display, and follow the on screen instructions).


This did the trick for me, hope others find it helpful, enjoy! 🙂

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Glad it worked unclefish51 ...and I totally and 110% certain seems that Canon should make this the "Standard Initial Setup Process". I really hope Canon does NOT get a bad reputation for this otherwise great printer. As selfishly, I'd want Canon to sell lots so that they stick with one Toner Cartrige for more than just a year or two. 😉 

Nope, this did not work for me as I had hoped.  Following your suggestion does result in a minor improvement to the readability of the text on downloaded pdfs (from any given manufacturer's product) but my machine is not recreating or functioning as it should.


Any other suggestions by chance?


At the end of the day, our desire, and reason for purchasing a laser printer to begin with, is to easily and without this kind of bother, print a pdf brochure so that what gets printed so closely approximates the original as to not cause any question.

It didn't work for me too.
So instead, I went to the browser GUI, Log in System Manager.
Go to Function, Printer Settings, and found Toner Save: On.
Edit it, turn it Off. And now my black is printing much much darker.
That might fix your issue too

This printer is a disaster.  The most overly complicated printer I have ever bought EVER (my first was an Okidata dot matrix in the 1980s and also a Diablo daisywheel)  HIT print and it.........<wait for it> PRINTS?   


This thing wiht all its processing and software can't even WYSIWYG what is on the Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, or even web screen............the colors and intensity and etc are all standard and communicated?  So why does it know if it is printing what it is sent?  I have done the calibrations and etc.    USELESS


ALSO its a DHCP network disaster as well., Every time my network is reset from a power outage or just yesterday PSEG Long Island swapped my meter and we had a hurricane and stroms over the last month or so......  etc.  The printer is assigned a new IP port and the **bleep** driver on ALL my windows (all Windows 10, Lenovo laptop, and two desktops)  machines drivers are too stupid to "find" it and adjust.  The printer TELLS you the IP address changes I then have to uninstall and then rediscover and  re-install the drivers.  REALLY LOW TECH and basic?


This image quality issue spans all of our devices and I am amazed how the drivers and setting do not allow you to set this all up like every other printer I have used since the 1980s??? 


The friggin front panel and menu hiearchy are SO over engineered and complicated  one of the worse UI I have ever used.......and why do I have to??? 


Thank you TEKnightRider for doing what Canon shoudl have at least presneted about 20 messages ago and I spent HOURS trying to find this solution. 


<rant and 'flame' off>

Thanks for the kinds words thomasjohnlynch ...Glad it's been awhile since I was here. Smiley Wink

Outstanding!  You solved my problem with this brand new printer.  I confess that I am disapointed that a new printer, out of the box, required this step.  



Glad it helped david07666 BrotherJames and frunobulax...again I totally agree, it would seem that the printer should be "set" out of the box.


And perhaps the new new ones do (I do not know)?


I also have to remember to download new firmware often (just like it did for my MF743Cdw and older MF733Cdw the other day.


I have to say I have always been amazed at what firmware fixes in various devices. Even like my daughters 2016 Civic EX-L w/Honda Sensing. I drove it one day and thought this does not drive like a Honda at ALL. She'd never noticed...but I notice  and "feel" everything. Took it in...sure enough there was a new firmware/software and drove like how a Honda should drive. So things happen...that is for sure! Smiley WinkSmiley Frustrated

This worked great!  I can't believe this isn't the standard setup procedure for this printer out of the box.


CANON!  If you're listening, please fix this before this printer gets a bad reputation.


Thanks for the help.

I had the same problem, and the procedure above fixed it.

I can't say I am impressed with this printers drivers and default setup. The hardware appears fine.

It should be able to print grey scale out of the box like every other printer I have. I tried  a 20 year old Samsung B&W  laser, 10 year old Brother B&W laser, and 7 year old HP color laser, and a new Brother color laser and they all managed to print the same document correctly, without any intervention.

Fixing this issue is probably beyond the capability of most non-technical people.

Why doesn't Canon perform the procedure before they ship, or adjust defaults to do a better job?

Quick update as of 3/24/21...I just helped a friend install a brand new MF743Cdw (3/24/21)...and still out of the box the printer needs the procedure I'd posted previously Go to Solution.


Which again, that procedure is what I call a "more robust" sequence than the initial Startup Color Adjustment when the printers are fresh out of the box and turned ON for the very first time. So, apparently Canon has not yet perfected how to get the best Darkest Blacks and best Colors on the newest models fresh out of the box, as of yet. However following the procedure I'd posted previously (link here again) Go to Solution. still seems to "cure" the my friends Canon Color ImageClass MF743Cdw works great...just like mine. Guess they just want a lil' more tender lovin' care. ha ha Smiley Happy