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ImageClass 4150 Error - Printing Message

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After having a very hard time getting the driver downloaded and installed for this product, my ImageClass 4150 is finally recoginized by Windows 10.  However, I get an error message for anything I send to print.  It just says "Error - Printing".  I delete and try a different document, check the page size settings, etc., and I still get the message. I shut off and restarted the printer.  What can be done to fix this?  THX!


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This is an older printer.  So we need to ask.  Did you buy the printer new or did you get it second hand?


Did it work previously?  What is its history?


Maybe this will help:


All downloads for the device are avaailable here:


Support | Support Laser Printers - imageCLASS | imageCLASS MF4150 | Canon USA


If you didn't get the drivers you used directly from Canon, that might be a problem.


Error Printing:


Does the printe display any error messages when it is powered on?


If yes, the problem is with the printer.  If not, proceed.


If the error only displays after a print job is sent to the device, there is a communication problem between the computer and printer.


This might be caused by:


USB cable being used

How the cable is connected to the PC (example using a hub or adapter of some sort)

Using incorrect driver supplied by 3rd party instead of Canon

Connecting the printer to the PC before installing the drivers


In the majority of cases you always want to install drivers for USB device before connecting them, unless specified otherwise.  


Of course if you got the printer second hand and do not know its history, there might be another (unknown) issue we would not be aware of from where we sit.  

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Hello Rick.  I had to walk away from this issue for a while but now I am trying to resolve it.   I got the Canon printer new.  I have an iMac Computer and I recently partitioned it so I could add Windows 10.  The Canon printer is connected directly  to the computer and is working fine on the Mac side of the partition.  I know the Mac operating system pretty well but I am clueless on Windows.  I got your email and realized I installed the driver without disconnecting the printer from the USB port.  So, mistakenly,  I went in and removed the printer, not the driver (so I could reinstall it while the printer is disconnected).  I then tried to remove the driver, but I can't.  I get a message that says I can't uninstall the driver because there are jobs in the print  que.   I go to the Print que and the printer doesn't show up because I removed it.  I tried to add bthe printer back (reconnected the USB connection first) but Windows is not seeing the printer to add when I go to add device.  However, it does see it in the Apps and Features window.  See two screen shots.  In the first shot where you add a device, it does not see the computer.  In the second shot, the printer shows up in the Apps and Features List.  So Windows says I have a print que that it doesn't show (I assume because I removed the printer).  I have totally screwed this up and am thoroughly confused!  Can you help?..Donna

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Forgot to add screen shots....

Screenshot 2021-07-13 130512.jpgScreenshot 2021-07-13 125631.jpg

Hello Dddenise,


If you have jobs in the queue but do not see an option to access the queue, you can press the Windows/Command key and the letter R key at the same time on your keyboard. In the run box that appears, you can type in spool and click OK. In the window that comes up, you can open the printers folder and delete the files that are there.


Once you have cleared the jobs, you can try uninstalling the printer. Once it has been uninstalled, disconnect the cable. You can download and install the  MF4150 MFdrivers from the link provided HERE and you can connect the cable when the setup prompts the cable connection.