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Error message code B504


I am getting an error message of B504 on my printer, I have replaced the ink tanks and I have unplugged to reboot. I did a deep cleaning of the print head, error message is still showing when I try to print. What else can I do?



Hi katelinoliver14!


To have a better understanding of your issue, please let everyone know what model printer you own. That way, community will be able to assist you with suggestions appropriate for your product.

If this is an urgent support need, please CLICK HERE to reach our friendly Technical Support Team.


Oh oops I didnt even realize I left it off.. It is a Maxify MB2320 Sorry!!


My Canon MB2320 will not allow me to replace the ink cartridge.  I open the front but the cartridges will not come to the middle where I can extract and replace.  What's the problem?


i had my  MB2320 officejet printer for 16 months and all of a sudden i get this error.  the worst thing about it i was told by a tech support from canon that i need a new printer since they can't fix it.  4 months over warranty. what a waste. Now looking for something more reliable with a longer warranty.  i searched every where on the internet for help and ttips.. none out there that will let me keep mine.

   HP is looking good right now.


I am having the same issue with my Maxify MB5120. I have tried turning it off and on, unplugging it and waiting 10 minutes then plugging it back in, cleaning it with canned air. Nothing. I keep getting the same message.

Hi rreese62,

This is a general hardware error code. Since the steps you took did not resolve the issue, the printer would need to be replaced. 

You would qualify for the Canon Upgrade program. This is for out of warranty units which have been diagnosed to require service or are incompatible with a new or upgraded system. This program allows you the opportunity to purchase a replacement product discounted from the list price. Free ground shipping is included with your purchase. 

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please call our Sales Department at (866) 443-8002 Mon-Sat, 9 AM to 9pm EST excluding holidays.

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Hi Arthur. 

Thank you for your response; I appreciate it.

Wow… now that’s what I call a ripoff. I will never purchase another Canon printer and tell anyone who asks not to purchase a Canon printer. I realize that $200 may not seem like a lot of money, but a printer should not have to be replaced after only 18 months. This is not the first Canon printer that I’ve purchased and crapped out just over a year. I thought the first time it was just a one time incident, but now I believe it is the maker. 

Canon makes excellent cameras, but they need to stay away from making printers.

Happy New Year!!!



my printer is a Maxify mb 2120 

Canon LIVE! Canon LIVE!