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Canon MF267DW stops scanning from feeder (tray 2) after first initial scan...


We have about 15 of these Canon MF267DW devices... in our remote users...
over the past 2 weeks we've seen an issue with the scanners on several devices and it seems to be getting worse. These devices are plugged in to the USB port of Windows 10 (and 11) machines.

The problem... install drivers, set up printer, try to scan one or two pages from the top feeder... works on first try... when the computer is restarted or the printer is restarted, rollers do not engage and the scanner scans a blank page from the flat bed... feeder option disappears in settings and the only way to resolve is to reinstall the driver.
At no point does the printer stop working, the only function that stops working after restart is the scanning from the feeder

We have tried multiple drivers, downloaded the firmware updates, and windows updates but we continue to have issues scanning to the feeder...

Has anyone else experienced this and is there any solution? I did call Canon support, their recommendation was to disable the scanner in Device Manager, restart the machine while it is disabled, then reenable the scanner in Device manager after restart... Shockingly enough, this did not resolve our issues. Any other recommendations are welcome!! We need these to work for our remote staff.

No we can't connect these to wireless or wired networks. Thanks



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Gmurray,

The issue does not look like it is hardware based or a problem with the connection. It looks like there is an issue with the way the scanner driver is interacting with the security software/permissions on the computer or the Image acquisition service. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any notes on a similar issues. My best suggestion would be to contact support again over the phone at 1-800-652-2666 to continue troubleshooting or have one of your remote user contact support. They would be happy to test the issue further and see what errors or message they get to help narrow down what is causing the problem.

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