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Auto-Duplex printing with the MF644CDW


I'm currently trying to print a two page front and back brochure from inDesign.    When I print it, the first side is fine, but back page is upside down.  The description for the printer says, Auto-Duplex, which I thought meant it could print a front and back document with both the same side-up.  

I looked in the manual and can't find auto-duplex anywhere.  Thank you in advance for any help. 




The printer will print on both sides of the page, (duplex printing), and with correct orientation if told to do so.  We don't know what OS you are running or printing from.

Your issue is in InDesign.  Check the Layout menu.


Creating InDesign Double-Sided Documents

Start by accessing the Pages menu by clicking "Layout" and then "Pages." To move a page's position, choose "Move Pages," then drag and drop it from the Page's thumbnail display in InDesign. You can also edit its position by selecting a page and clicking the "Destination" option.

As you drag pages, you'll see a vertical black bar. This indicates where the page will end up when you drop it. With this system, you can drag a page into another one to make a spread or separate it from others in a group to make individual pages.


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Thank you, I'll look at inDesign again. 

Product Expert
Product Expert


If the the second side of the print is upside down, it will usually mean that the stapling side setting for duplexing needs to be changed. You can view the stapling settings in the printer drivers settings. You can, view the settings using the link provided HERE. You can switch long side stapling to short sided or short sided to long sided and that should resolve the issue.