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Forum Suggestion

Hi Monica & Canon Crew-  I know we are still getting started, but Ive been thinking about how we can make this forum as awesome as possible, and this is something you probably already know, but ultimately, I think you will get the most traffic when t...

Rookie needs help!

I am looking to buy a nice cannon camera. What is the best priced one from $400-$700? And in terms of location to purchase, does it make much of a difference where you purchse it from? What would be the cheapest location to purchase from?  Camara wou...

scatucci by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

What Print lab do you like to use?

this can be for both professional and personal.... what is your favorite print lab?  I usually use millers, but its gotten expensive for personal prints.  I was thinking miller's consumer print lab, MPix, or possibly costco.... i heard they were good...

jaenagle by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Re: Rookie needs help!

Yeah, I started with a Canon EOS Rebel X camera (the 35 millimeter film camera), with the stock 35-80 lens.  My favorite powershot is currently the Powershot S100 and my favorite EOS is the EOS 60D. 

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