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Why Security Issues for Shipping Can Screw Up Your Gear Delivery - Anywhere in the World


If you, or someone you know, has had something on order for some time, the following video may provide a perspective on how choke-points can really impact delivery and the final cost of goods, including photographic products - anywhere in the world.
The following presentation is by Perun, an intel operative, specializing in the gathering, analysis and dissemination of information on logistics, defence economics, and military capability profiling.  He is highly connected and regarded by other military figures such as US and other NATO Generals, and ANZAC Military as one of the most authoritative sources of information available, as an open source, on the web. His research is in-depth and well-referenced.  

So, here's his take on the impacts of security on global shipping, and may give some context as to why camera gear delivery is a bit of mess right now.
Red Sea Crisis: Houthi Shipping Attacks, Trade and Escalation (

If you find an hour-long detailed examination of the issue too much to deal with, for the reason attacks on ships elsewhere on the globe will impact you elsewhere :start at timestamp 24:22, and then flip to the Conclusion section 1:06:22 - those two should get the point across.

cheers, TREVOR

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