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Corrupted SD Card


Hi, I am new to cameras and SD cards and had no idea that this could happen. All of my images on my SD card are grey or have only half of the image there. I used to have a second copy on the old online album but since Canon changed to the new one those are all gone. Please tell me theres a way to save these photos!


If you are viewing the card content on a computer and you are seeing the gray or half images I think you are out of luck.

If you are viewing in-camera try using a computer card reader.

You could try using a recovery program like Recuva, but that is really for deleted files, not damaged ones.

Going forward, an SD card is not for long term storage. You should download files to a computer each day, or at least after an event if its a multi day event.

And then have your images in at least two places, like two hard drives or a hard drive and one line backup.
John Hoffman
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Thanks for your help. Unfortunately they are grey on the computer. 😞


Are you capturing in RAW or JPEG?  If using RAW, I'm wondering if your software is out-of-date and doesn't understand the RAW format in your images; thus rendering things as blank/gray.


Also, what specific camera are you using? What operating system on your computer? What software are you using on your computer to view the images (to include the version)?


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