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Canon 6D OR Rebel T4i?


I hve been taking pictures for about 30 years as a photo enthusiast. I currently own an EOS rebel 450 D, along with a 10-22 EF-S F 3.5/4.5 USM and a 70-200 EF Zoom. I  am going to Hawaii next month and have to make a decision as to what camera I will purchase. as an upgrade. I looked at the rebel 4Ti but I am also thinking about the canon 6D. I have never used a full frame before but I want to get more serious and think this could be an interesting option. I was going to get the lens kit of 24-105 EF.  I would appreciate suggestion from the other photographers out there. Thanks. Barb


One thing I love about this forum is that people don't pressure you to go out and buy the latest gears.


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What is CL?

I'm thinking CL = Craig's List.


"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

Correct, Craig's List

Your reply has helped me not to purchase the 6D but consider the 60D and wait for the 70D to make a decision, I read some of your other advise and do have a question about refurbished camera's. A new camera comes with a one year warranty, usually extended to 2 years by most credit card companies. But it looks like you only get a 90 day warranty with a refurbished model and  am unsure if that could be doubled. You do save money, however your warranty is not as good. Would you please give me your thoughts on this issue.

Not much digital experience yet, but alot of film and other areas.  On the question of buying a body, vs lense vs wait for the trip: I've always believed that the best investment for most people is in the lens over the body.  That's where you get the most bang for the buck, and the best performance.  Especially if you might be moving to or adding a FF sensor body, I'd look into EF lenses vs EF-S because you can use that lense on either where EF-S does not work on FF cameras.  IMO it's better to be able to swap them when desired otherwise you'll be buying lenses for both formats.


On refurbished bodys, that all depends on who did it and how good they were.  I've bought a number of refurbished items in the past, usually when it's refurbished it's gone through by hand while the original build may have been done by machine.  A human may detect something a machine wouldn't.  Overall, I've had good lucks with refurbs and I can't say I've had a worse failure rate than non-refurbs.


My 2 cents.


I certainly wouldn't buy a new camera weeks before a trip and expect to get satisfactory use out of it. My experience is that you need to shoot a lot with a new camera, studying the manuals, learning the menus, etc. before you start to feel proficient enough so that you can quickly adapt your settings to whatever scene is in front of you.


Since you are still on the fence about the crop frame vs. full frame decision, it seems that the best short-term decision might be to upgrade your lens(es). The EF-S 17-55mm is a terrific lens; I've used it as my walk-around lens on the 7D for several years and have produced some very professional results. I love the constant f2.8. As you probably know, the EF-S lens will not work with a full frame camera. If you are still considering a move-up to an FF camera, you probably won't want to buy any more EF-S lenses. Stick to EF lenses and L lenses if you have more to spend.


Also consider renting a camera and/or lens before buying. I rent through, and it has allowed me to try out expensive lenses and decide if I really want to spend the money to own one.


I bought a 5D Mark III last year with 24-105mm L lens, and it is now my favorite everyday lens. I primarily use the 7D with a telephoto lens when I need longer reach. My original Digital Rebel was donated to my daughter, and she is now cutting her teeth on her first DSLR.  .

Little bit out of topic.
Post a question in other thread but no answer so far.

I'm heading to London this fall and need best set.

1. t2i + Sigma 17-50 f2.8 OS
2. t2i + canon 24-105 + 40mm f2.8 pancake
3. 6D + canon 24-105 + 40mm f2.8 pancake

I still can't make my decision.

Need help here.

If the additional price for the 6D vs. the T4i is not a barrier for you, go with the 6D. The full frame sensor, excellent high ISO performance, GPS and wifi features are all very compelling. The 6D, Coupled with the very versatile 24-105mm L lens, will cover the majority of photo ops you will encounter while travelling. I don't know much about the new 40mm f2.8 lens, but if you want an inexpensive lens good for low light situations, how about the 50mm f1.4? That's the other lens in my travel kit (along with the 24-105mm L lens and a 70-300mm telephoto.)

Charlie 94:
I like your 3rd option the best, 6D with 24-105. Not sure about the 40 2.8 though, if you need a fast low light prime I agree with JillC, get the 50 f/1.4 which is 3 stops faster than the 24-105 and 2 stops faster than the 40mm. Between the IS on the 24-105 and very good high ISO performance on the 6D, you should be just fine on your trip without either prime. If you don't have a flash, the 430EX II is great.