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Canon image Gateway Not Working in IOS Or Image Browser EX


I recently had trouble with logging into the Cannon Image Gateway from my Cannon account. Now that has been resolved and my new issue is I downloaded the Gateway App for IOS and it will not allow me to log in asking for my e-mail address and password, this issue also arises when trying to log in when using Cannon's Image Browser EX Software that is bundled with the camera.


In both applications there is a register option that brings me to the Cannon site as if I have not already registered any of my products; even after I use my username and password and successfully get into my account These two applications still will not allow me to access the Gateway.


Any solutions out there?


Hi. After all the trouble we had I thought we would be past that. The image gateway app works for me on iPhone and iPad both. Sorry I can't be of any help to you. Hope you get it resolved... Again...

Thanks so much!

I've been wanting to get back with you about the pics that you shared with me from your Gateway they look great! I have not had the opportunity to get out much with my camera since I recently had back surgery.

But I wanted to let you know what I thought about your pics. Yeah here we go again with Gateway issues, and from the number of complaints on the apps review page I am not the only one.

Maybe they will get it together soon!

Thanks for sharing!

Wow. I hope you heal up quick.
Thanks for the comments on the barn pics

Thank you!

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Gprez2006,


It sounds like you should be able to resolve this by having the password for your Canon Account reset.


For assistance in resetting your password, please call the Canon Presales and Accessories Department.  You may reach them by calling them at (800) 652-2666 between 8:00 AM and midnight ET, seven days a week.  Just follow the voice prompts.

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It has been a couple of months since I have requested help with logging into the image Gateway using ios and the Image Browser EX simply because I just threw my hands up in disgust because I knew that your solution of resetting my password would not work; and sure enough after nearly two months I finally tried it and guess what?? It did not work.


I can not even begin to explain the trouble that I had trying to get someone from Canon to believe that I could not get into my image Gateway account as a first time user to upload photos from my computer using multiple browsers, I kept getting the"well it works on our end" story for weeks before someone figured out it wasn't just me and one day it just mysteriously worked for my with no communication from Canon, but from another customer who was having the same issue. Now I'm going through the same thing with your i Phone app and your Image Browser EX software bundled with my Canon T4i. It WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO LOG IN! It is very frustrating, and now I have to hear it from my wife as to why she can't log into the account using her i Pad.


So could you PLEASE look into this problem because from what I was led to understand when registering my password is that it's supposed to work across all accounts seamlessly.


Thank you 



                                           Please check your log in name and password.


This error message is in Image Browser EX software, to log in it asks for your e-mail address and password not your USER name as in logging into Canon USA or the image Gateway web browser.

I have the same problem with logging into the Canon Image Gateway from the iPhone app - how did you resolve this? Thanks!

I never did I just gave up. I tried to change passwords as advised and it did not work. Man Frustrated

That's a shame. It's unfair to spend a large amount of money for something and to not be able to use one of the main selling points. I'll let you know if I come up with any solutions.
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