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EOS Webcam utility full version and MAC OS Big Sur


I will like to know if anyone have the full version of Big Sur OS and EOS Webcam Utility full version working together. If theres any bug or trouble using both together. Thank you



Yes, I got it up & running on my MacBook Pro 13" 2017 with Big Sur. Just make sure, that the EOS Utility doesn't run at the same time.

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I gotcha. I missed that clarification. I can’t test my setup on Mac currently, but on windows autofocus with 70D and 5Dm3 are working in TEAMS. Sorry, I can’t help any further. They always worked for me so I haven’t had to troubleshoot that 😕

Which mode do you have to set on the dial to make it work best? I only tested it with the settings menu of teams and in mode A on the dial, and it did not focus automatically. I did not make a call yet because i want to be sure ahead that it works well.


For me is the same, I have a Canon EOS R and an M50., running BIG SUR on my mac mini M1, plugged in with a high-quality USB to USB-C cable.
I downloaded the Web utility for Catalina, because apparently in the BigSur list does not exist yet (see attachment)

Schermata 2021-08-31 alle 11.35.31.png

Opening Zoom (opening zoom updated) and I cannot f***ing select any EOS web utility from any of Zoom, or Meet or Hangout or whatever.

Web-Utility is recognized ONLY from OBS for live streaming.

ANY SUGGESTION? I am freaking out sincerely.

Is there a particular setting I have to do on the camera? or I have to follow some particular steps?



Hi. I don't know if this will help. I had the same problem with EOS Webcam Utility. I have Big Sur installed on my new Mac Book Pro. My camera is EOS 90D and I use HDMI. And Zoom would find EOS Webcam, but the screen was black. I bought Cam Link 4K from Elgato and installed the driver for Elgato Thunderbolt. The Cam Link works and I can now see the videorecording from my camera.

Hi all. 


According to some people, eos webcam utility is not working in apps that are optimized for M1 chip... so, it will not work in Meet and Zoom. However, there is a quick solution. Download OBS and install eos webcam utility, then in OBS use the option "start virtual camera" and that's it. You should be able to see OBS virtual camera in any app that uses a web cam. 


Hope it helps. 


My gear:

Canon T6


usb cable

TKDY Power supply for dslr




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