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canon rebel t7 not turning on


recently i noticed my camera wasn’t turning on. the last time it was on was on 4th of july flashing a low battery symbol and went dead. i didn’t charge the battery after that. a week ago i went to go charge my battery and it says that it is fully charged, even though i have never charged it. when i do put it back in the camera, it doesn’t turn on it’s just a blank screen. i had this battery for one year, do i need to get a new one? 



If the battery reported low battery in camera but fully charged in charger I would suspect a faulty battery. 

If you don’t get a new battery it looks like your camera is a paperweight. 

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I would trust what the camera is reporting more so than the charger.

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How old is the battery?  Is it a genuine Canon battery?

It sounds like the charger could be bad, to me.  I would trust what the camera is telling you.  The batteries may not actually be charging.  I have had several LP-E6N batteries seem to die on me all at once recently, within several weeks of one another.  I tried a new charger, problem solved.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

i’ve had the same battery since i bought the camera, january 8th 2021. i got it at best buy along with the camera, this battery is LP-E10

You can't always trust the camera. I have a T7 and the battery indicator never goes above 1/2, even with a fully charged battery. I talked to cannon support and their response was to send me a new battery. No change. The camera has never stopped working but I always carry extra batteries.


If batteries are left for long periods in a camera they can go into a state known as deep discharge. 

My first suggestion is to put the battery back in the camera and see if it shows any life: if not, then put it back on the charger again for an extended period - several hours.   The fully-charged indicator may be an error from its deep discharge state.

Meanwhile, get a new, genuine Canon battery from a reputable resource.  Charge that, and see if the camera works.  

In future, when not using your camera, I suggest removing the battery and storing it separately.  Don't fully charge it up beforehand, but do fully charge it just before you are going to use it.


cheers, TREVOR

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