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Resolved! camera says cannot create folder

have been on a cruise and tried to use their computer to download some photos but would not work  -now my camera says *cannot create folder*  - my computer also cannot see the photos even though my computer says there's only 3gb space left on a 16gb ...

mw by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Uneven lines in photo taken with eos 7d

I just purchased the 7d and am using a Canon lens I already had (EF 85mm 1:1.8).  I tried it at the high school vollyeball game last night.  I am a novice at this and I understand that volleyball is very hard to photograph but I did manage to get a f...

IMG_0082 Copy (640x427).jpg
mrbkpb by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

5Dmkiii live view problem

Hi All,  I'm having a problem with my 5d when it comes to live view. Occasionally, when I half press the shutter down, the mirror will flip but nothing will happen. I'm not sure if I've set a bizzare setting or if there is something genuinely wrong w...

tazni by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Have a 70d and a monolight setup

Have a 70d and Monolight setup and first time I have tried to use it with new camera.  It worked with my old Nikon camera, but now it just seems to fire bright all the time.  Picture is always over exposed to the max.  No matter what I do with the se...

Raw File problem

I have a Canon 7D that I have had about 3 years. I just starting shooting RAW files. (***.CR2). I have Raw Therapee 1.1 pre s  and Coral Photo Paint .. both programns current about 2 years ago.. When I try to open the RAW file in either programn I ju...

Resolved! 60D Auto Lighting Optimizer

In the menu, trying to change Auto Lighting Optimizer.  When I select that item I cannot make any changes......  The display shows a static (cannot be changed) selection of "Disable" (white letters on a blue bar), and below that a single item "OFF" e...

EOS Video Recording Colour Gamut

HiThrough my work I'm interested in creating/capturing video sequences with colours outside the usual HD Rec.709 colour gamut.In still imaging mode, Canon EOS DSLRs are capable of storing the image using AdobeRGB colour primaries. Is it possible to u...

st599 by Apprentice
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Exposure problem

I seems I am doing everything right but my new 70D is acting very strange.  I have it set up on a tripod to take photos of a waterfall.  It is not sunny so I don't use the neutral desity filter.  I have it set on TV and I change the setting from 1 to...

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