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AF switching on the 7D2

This would apply to anhy camera that has case numbers or the 3 parameter settings. I have owned all the crop bodies from the 20D to 7D2. Also all 3 5D and currently have the 5D3. I am not stuggling in any way. I went out birding (in flght) a few week...

digital by Rising Star
  • 16 replies

Resolved! 5D Mk III L-bracket on 5Ds???

Will an L-bracket made for a 5D Mk III fit a 5Ds correctly? The specs on the Canon site show the same dimension for both, however, I assume the depth is measured from the back surface of the body to the front surface of the lens mount. That does not ...

Bazsl by Rising Star
  • 3 replies

download photos

my windows 7 laptop does not recognize my camera when trying to download photos.  I just had to replace my hard drive - any connection?

ginap07 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Newbe Q about auto focus in 70D

Hi,  I have always had a love for taking photos but, like many, never really knew the technical aspect of it all.I want to learn everything I can. I have purchased a 70D and am reading much and trying to play around with it. It is going to take me a ...

wifi in 6D will no longer connect

Hi guys, I've looked through the board here, on my manual and google. I cannot figure this out. I've had the wifi configured since I got it about 7-8 months ago and it's worked fine up to about two weeks ago. Now, the wifi icon on camera just flashes...

Computer won't recognise EOS 1100D

I have and EOS 1100D and recently it has stopped connecting to computers. I've tried laptops and my stationary computer which the camera has worked with before. It doens't seem to be a problem with the cable because I've tried several of them and the...

Cat33ona by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

EOS M gives busy with flash

Please i have this problem with my camera its canon EOS M It works perfectly as long as the flash is off but once its on it keeps saying busy and doesnt take any pictures for me to take a picture i should switch it off first so how can i solve that!T...

Saraa by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

C1, C2, C3, etc

I recently purchased a 5D Mark III, and am trying to follow the manual --- but can't seem to make this work. I'd like to use the C1 mode to quickly jump to landscape shooting with:  Landscape Picture Style,  Av,  Multiple Images  with AEB with three ...

Upgrade from 400D (Rebel XRi) 2007

Hi, I purchased the 400D (Rebel TXi) in 2007, my first and so far only EOS camera, and I have a total of 5 lenses.  I have always found no matter what setting I am in, even in auto, the colour quality is poor.  My brother-in-law's Nikon and my husban...

sam6 by Contributor
  • 5 replies

canon t5i

 When I try to take a picture, it says: "Card cannot be accessed.  Reinsert/change card or format card with camera." So, I try to format the cards, and it says "Cannot format.  Change card.".i just got a brand new one and this is what keep happing.pl...

Resolved! EOS utility does not start

Running under W7, EOS Utility does not start anymore. Worked properly for a few monthes. Previously had some problems with wifi connection, corrected after unistalling and installing again. Now it wont start anymore (after a W7 update???) . Works fin...

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