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Resolved! EOS 600D - Won't Focus, Black Edges

Hello there, I have a Canon EOS 600D and I've been having issues with normal focus. It is completely out of focus, even if I try to adjust it manually and at normal zoom, on the frame are black edges around the corners. I don't understand what's caus...

Pictures not coming sharp with T3i

Hi all,I am a newbie with SLRs. The pictures from my Canon Rebel T3i is not coming sharp. I have tried both Aperture priority as well as Shutter priority modes. I am not sure if my settings are not right or if i am not focusing right. I have attached...

IMG_2696.JPG IMG_2749.JPG
JayS by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Troubleshooting error 99

I was given a used 30D, by my brother who could not get it to work. The original owner didn't know that it wasn't working but it hadn't been used in some time.- It took one photo with flash for me, and then nothing. I bought and charged a new battery...

Canon Rebel XT vs T3i photo style

So i've had a Canon Rebel XT since 2007 and it has been my main camera. Now I went off to the philippines this year and took very many nice photos, however I was thinking of updating since the camera is pretty OLD, the screen is TINY and you need to ...

IMG_0019.jpg IMG_0036.jpg
ixiphoto by Contributor
  • 20 replies

Learning my t6i

Has anybody bought educational DVD's to learn their camera? I've been on YouTube and it's almost like overload. Piecing stuff together is kinda hard. Has anybody purchased like a DVD for their specific camera? I've seen them at Best Buy, etc. Any sug...

7D "Busy" Problem

I have a 7D (first gen).  it works fine except when I have my 70-200 Canon f/4L on ith with both a Canon 500D close-up filter AND a circular polarizer.  With that combination, it will hang-up and register as "busy."  The only way is to take out the b...

caquino by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

LCD Screen (EOS Rebel T5)

I have the T5 that I got just a week ago and the LCD screen just started having issues. I provided pictures for a refrence.  The screen still is functional, but the pixels act up from screen to screen. What is causing this problem? 

IMG_20150626_035716.jpg IMG_20150626_035823.jpg IMG_20150626_035803.jpg

Resolved! Dual Pixel CMOS AF

I just bought the 70d and it is amazing. The auto-focus for video is stunning. I wonder if there are any other canon cameras that use the same focusing system as the 70d (Dual Pixel CMOS AF). 

gafool by Contributor
  • 1 replies

lines on pictures

Why do I have horizontal lines and purple haze on my pictures and vertical lines on my video on my Rebel T3? Sometimes I get clear pictures, but mostly not.  I have read on the web that there may be an image sensor problem. Any ideas? The camera is 2...

IMG_1558 sm.jpg IMG_1508 sm.jpg IMG_1506 sm.jpg
matlet by Apprentice
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Bought a REBEL T3 last August 2014. On a few occasions the power needed to be turned on and off to get the camera on. Tonight it is now giving me ERROR 30. Found another forum with suggestions to clear problem but none have worked. This is apparently...

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