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Mac Pro to Canon Rebel T3i

Hi Canon community. Because of this forum, I finally figured out how to hook my camera up to my Mac! Thank youQuestion: is there a different method when importing a video taken by my Canon Rebel t3i to my Mac Pro??

Mon by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Canon Sensor Product Advisory

So, I just bought a T6i.  After getting it home and playing with it I thought I'd surf the net to find sites like this and just check for stuff and I came across this product advisory about the sensor.I read up on it on the Canon site and found that ...

Eos Utility will not start

I have just updated to Windows 8.1 and the utility has stopped working,  worked well via Wi-Fi before, Cannon 6D, I get the screen with the pairing message but it dosen't do anything

gwhib by Contributor
  • 2 replies

T3i trips shutter on its own

My T3i trips shutter on its own and will snap several 4 or 5 before stopping. This seems to happen when I bring the camera up to my eye from a waist position with the lens facing the ground Is there someone who can help direct me?? Also the cable rel...

iphoto won't read photos from my Canon 5D mk1

Hi, I have taken photos on my Canon 5D mk1 and can view them in camera ok, trying to download through a kingston card reader ( new ) that I know works as other photos have gone through ok onto iphoto, I have also tried to download onto my lightroom 3...

stefos by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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