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5D III and 7D pause problem

I'm wondering if anyone is having the following problem. I'm having a pause problem with both my 5D III and 7D cameras. I’m shooting raw on a Lexar Pro 1066x card in Al Servo High Speed mode. When I'm shooting a sport like soccer, basketball or footb...

EOS Rebel T5 Video Shuts Off??

I have an EOS Rebel T5 that I got last summer to record videos on- as well as take photos. I also have a 16gb and 8gb SD card to go with it. I have a problem where (on an epty SD card) I will be filming a video and it shuts off after about 11 minutes...

Lill213 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

service of gray market camera

I realize that Canon will not service a gray market camera under warranty but will service and repair such a camera as if it were out of warranty? That is, for money like any service shop? I have never needed Canon warantee service because nothing ha...

EOS 7D MK2 - GPS and digital compass data

I am trying to get the lens direction data from the EXIF file - when I was shooting I could see both direction - NE and the degrees 45 - however the GPS data in the metadata only shows the lens direction not the degrees - so I only get North East or ...

Ouchman by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Rebel XS - Only pop up flash is working

Edit: After lots of reading I see that I am past the point that the 1.0.6 firmware update would have solved. Is there any way to flash the camera if it is non-responsive to the computer? What are my options?  _________________________________________...

jdjorgen by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Trying to tether 5DM3 into Lightroom 5?

I have opened up LR5 and told it that I was starting teathered capture.  Prior to that I plugged the cable that come with the 5DM3 into the USB port.  All the while LR5 says on Camera detected, but it is plugged in, one and have depressed the focus b...

Can't copy images from camera to computer

I have a Canon T5.Today I tried to copy images over to my pc.  I may have changed to Windows 10 since the last time I did photos. Anyway, when I try to copy the pictures..it says "Waiting....Canon EOS Rebel T5 is busy" Any advice appreciated! Cheryl

hayley3 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

5d mkIII manual mode setting and aperture

I had a strange thing happen this morning while doing sunrise pictures. I set my camera up as always shutter, aperture, iso but I notice that when I changed the shutter speed that the aperture was adjust by itself? I dont recall this happening before...

wrk4no1 by Contributor
  • 4 replies
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