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Resolved! EOS T3i - Autofocus issue

Howdy gang... I am having an intermittent issue with a EOS T3i that I purchased for my wife.This was a kit purchase that came along with 18-55mm IS II lens.  It appears that the autofocus function works imtermittently on my camera. I still have 2 mon...

Beginner-- is this a good set-up?

Okay I say I'm a beginner but I've been at uni for three years studying film production and have played around with the Canon C300 A LOT but obviously there are major differences to the DSLRs... Anyways, I've decided to purchase a Canon 5D m3 and the...

uffie by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

T3i and Novatron strobes not firing

Okay, so my previous posts as well as my user account was deleted, so I'm starting again, I have a new T3i that I'm trying to use with two Novatron 150 strobes. I am using a pc converter in my hot shoe to wire the strobes to my camera. The strobes wo...

t5i Built-In Flash

I've got a t5i Rebel and at first I had this issue, now it's all the time....when pressing the flash button, the flash unit would pop up....now, it's not functioning at all.  What am I doing wrong?  HELP!  LOL

Resolved! T3i manual mode failure

T3i  works ok in all auto modes and all manual mode when in live view but fails in all manual modes when not in live view.   Mirror flips up but doesn't return for 20 seconds or so and no picture is recorded.     Used to work well in all situations, ...

OnacAemm by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Brand New 5D mkIII Bizarre viewfinder issue

I have a brand new 5d MKIII, that arrived today. I took it out of the box, and put my (also) brand new 24-70 L series on it. Looking thru the viewfinder, I cannot get the lens to manually focus. I try the lens on a different body, it's working proper...

Kenan171 by Apprentice
  • 12 replies
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