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Cannot transfer my pictures to my PC

I have a EOS Rebel XTI that's about 10 years old.  Today I tried to transfer my photos to my PC but nothing worked.  I was able to pull up the EOS Utility but nothing was highlighted so that didn't work.  I also tried pushing the print/share button t...

Err 02

I was at a track meet on Wednesday and when I turned my Rebel on I saw this error message which said "Card connot be acessed.  Reinsert/change card or format card with camera". I bought a brand new card and got the same message when inserting it.  Wh...

T6i autofocus issue

I've had my T6i for almost a year, but recently have been having issues with the auto focus. I can take a shot, then without changing what I'm looking at, go to take a 2nd picture. Instead of a fine adjustment it will go the go the full range of the ...

15Xray by Apprentice
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What are some affordable lens that can achieve the blurr effect??? I'm pretty noob to photography, and never really did anything fancy with my T6I.  Thanks!!

Camera won't register AF mode

Hi! My Canon Rebel XTi won't register the AF mode on my lens. Currently I'm unable to focus the camera at all or adjust AV levelsI've switched the dial back a number of times, have cleaned the connection spots, cleared the camera settings, and readju...

Canon 1Ds Mark II huge banding

Hi everyone, recently I noticed huge bandings on my 1Ds Mk II images. Local canon specialists advised this is definetely sensor malfunction so I replaced the complete CMOS module but nothing changed. Colored stripes/blotches are clearly visible acros...

WV1V9563.jpg _V1V9540.jpg WV1V9552.jpg
Ferenc by Apprentice
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Rebel T6 Won't Autofocus

I searched the forum and can't find anything specific to my question.  My camera won't focus - it's not the lenses, I have 3 lenses and have tried each, I even tried troubleshooting with each lens just to make sure (cleaning contacts and other things...

ABC_ by Contributor
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