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Blurry image on Aperture mode

I am newbie into DSLR and going through books, YouTube and practices. Was trying shallow DoF and looks like I am somewhat happy with it.Lens used:Canon EF-s 18-135 USM, aperture priority mode. Auto focus in lens.Objective: Shallow DoF. I kept wide op...

rajmca05 by Contributor
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My camera Canon t7i used to work with my external microphone wich I plugged into the headphone jack. I filmed 2 videos in the 2 last months and then, I wanted to film another video for my youtube channel : the microphone wasnt able to produce any cle...

Cost to repair or replace sticky shutter?

White band or streak across the top of all of my photos from my research tells me I have a sticky shutter. In LIVE view mode (not looking through the viewfinder), there is no white band across the top of the photo. And when I shoot looking through th...

EOS 6D Mark II - Windows 10 RAW preview

Hi, First time here; just picked up the EOS 6D Mark II, and thought I might need some expert tutelage.   I understand with a new camera model the RAW file format changes. I use Windows 10, which will preview RAW files, but does not display the 6D Mar...

RaySiS by Contributor
  • 21 replies

Resolved! Canon 7DII

I got the camera and tested it with the 400 mm f 2.8 MKII versus a 5DIII with the same lens plus a 1.4X MKIII, both at F 4 and ISO 400 mounted in a tripod and manual focus.  The target was a brick wall.  Other than enlarging the image obtained with t...

Edward by Enthusiast
  • 36 replies

Battery compartment lever broke? (6D)

Hey,I wish I knew the name for this part but I'll try to describe it best I can.On both my 70D and 6D, if you flip the camera upside down to expose the battery compartment (lens facing your torso), and open the battery compartment, there's a tiny lit...

keep by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Photos will not save to cards

I have a canon Rebel.  Its about 8yrs old.  I have tried two different memeory cards.  The photos take and will show on the display screen and every now and then I can preview them but after a few minutes they are gone as if I never took them.  I had...

My EOS 80D is not recognized by Windows 10

Hallo!I have just bought an EOS 80D camera, and I have three computers in my family, all of them with Windows 10. Using the same USB cable, the camera is recognized by the two other computers (all desktop), but not from mine. In my computer it is app...

Shadows and Dynamic Range

 I shot this the other day with a T6 and tried to pull as much detail out of the shadows as I could with Lightroom. Mainly I twiddled with the shadow slider. I remain dissatisfied.Would a camera with better DR have made much of a difference in this c...

John_SD by Whiz
  • 13 replies

Canon Intervalometer for EOS R!!

This is really just to help anyone else out who has to go through this and maybe save them a bit of trouble.I recently bought an EOS R, and wanted to get an Intervalometer for it. I went to the Canon website and under "Supplies and Accessories" for t...

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