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Canon 7D Mark II


I am eagerly awaiting the release date for the 7D Mark II, can you please provide an ETA ?



There isn't one.  Lots of speculation, but nothing more.  Many are guessing Christmas, as it's a big time for releases.  I wouldn't get your hopes up.  If you want to follow the speculation I recommend Canon Rumors.  This place is nothing more than another forum, official Canon representatives don't come on here to give out information, it's just a bunch of fans like anywhere else.

I just checked CR.  As of last week there was “zero chance of 7D2 in 2013”, and it’s currently slated for release in the second half of 2014.  These things are wrong all the time, but they’re usually not wrong on rumors of things not coming out early… 


Thank you for promt and professional reply.


Best regards,


 Hi JBLawson!

Welcome to the Canon Forums and thank you for your inquiry! In Support, we don't have information available about future releases of products until an official press release is issued to the public. Once the press release is made, we will generally post an announcement here and on our Facebook page (

We're all excited to see what's coming, so please stay tuned! 


This is one of those "Those who are talking don't actually _know_, and those who actually _know_ aren't talking."


Canon doesn't provide any glimpses into their product roadmap prior to making official announcements.  There are no official announcements around a replacement for the 7D.


It's hard to go on rumors.  


Several years ago, I had planned to buy a 5D II but a photographer friend warned me to track the rumor sites because there was a rumor that the 5D III was about to be announced -- likely within 6 months.  That six months, turned into another, and another, and another.  After waiting 2 years because the 5D III was always "a few more months away", I gave up and bought the 5D II anyway.  A month later Canon released the 5D III <sigh>.


If you need a camera, buy the gear you need when you need it.  I wouldn't wait UNLESS you don't technically "need" the upgrade and it's more a "nice to have".  You could always buy the current model and sell it as a "gently used" camera if the 7D II shows up sooner than expected.  Sure you'll take a small loss when selling it -- you can think of that as a kind of "rental" fee because you did get the use of a very nice camera for quite a while as you waited for the camera you ultimately want.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Good to know Thanks.Tim.


In that case, without selling the farm for a 5D III, whats your opinion on the 70D?

The 70D looks like it has some nice improvements over its predecessor.  But I’ve never been a huge fan of the xxD line, at least not the latest release.  The price difference is too big compared to the Rebel line for what you get, in my opinion.  But I’m in the minority on these forums.  The Rebels get a bad rep because they’re the lowest on the totem pole, and the internet is all about arguing specs instead of actually using your camera.  I would gladly buy an older model like the 60D, or I’d just get an older Rebel like the T3i, or wait for the 70D to trickle down to the Rebel, which seems to be the only thing Canon is punctual about.


If you were seriously looking at a 5d3, then why would you not consider a 6D?  It’s been out long enough now that most of the baseless arguments from the 5d3 fan club have been debunked.  There are countless threads on Canon Rumors about them.

I'll give the 6D a closer look. Thanks.

I recommend basing your decision not so much on the model, but whether or not you want a full frame camera.  They’re quite different from crop sensors, and both have their pros and cons.  Once you decide on FF vs crop you can make your decision on models.  Then look at the features you think you truly need, vs. nice to haves, or just marketing fluff, and the decision will usually make itself.  

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