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Canon T7 will not power on!

I bought this camera, used it without any issues for about a month. Then I left the battery on the charger in my hotel. So I bought a new battery about a week later, and the camera wouldn’t turn on. I even bought a different battery, and still, no po...

Resolved! Canon SL3 Rebel - exposure simulation

Hi there! I am shooting remotely with my laptop and I am using external flash with a remote trigger in a hotshoe.I am using low ISO because flash will pop so my exposure simulation darkens the screen few seconds after the camera focuses an object.Tha...

Thaida by Contributor
  • 11 replies

Can someone check my video resolution?

I feel that I can get better resolution than this.  Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. I'm recording with EOS Rebel T5i.  The lense is the Cannon ESF 18-55mm.  The editing program is Adobe Premiere Elements 13.  I am saving the video as a MP4 -H264 1...

Resolved! Mark IV processing slowly

I just started using the 5D Mark IV.  It processes too slowly, giving me a BUSY message, taking more than 3 sec. to process!  I also can not shoot in bursts.  Am I missing a setting that does not allow me to process quickly?  My 5Ds is amazinginly fa...

RobinS1 by Apprentice
  • 18 replies

Resolved! Wrong Wifi network

EOS 80D, changed wifi router now have a new network. The camera is stuck on the old one. Canon Connect or the utility wont work. Cant clear camera setting because option is not there.

T3i won't show charged battery

I dug my t3i out to start me with youtube. It's been in a closet for YEARS. I bought a brand new battery ( name brand canon) and a brand new charger ( off brand). I let the battery sit on charge 4 hours at first. My camera would come on but showed on...

EOS R6 & Lexar SD cards

Has anyone found the load-up time after switching the camera on, inconsistant when Lexar SD cards are used (sometimes immediate and other times can take 4-5 seconds) I'm not getting these issues with other makes of SD cards with same/similar write sp...

TimBoe by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Overexposure 5d mark iv

My 5d mark iv occasionally will overexpose images by about three stops, it will be working fine then suddenly happen without me making any change in settings. It doesn’t matter which mode I am in. I originally thought it. GitHub  the lens bit I switc...

sm60 by Contributor
  • 8 replies
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