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Photo or format issues with new M50

Good day everyone. I have a new M50 Mark II.  I had formatted the SD card.  At least I think so. I took a few pictures outside for practice and when I had put the SD card into a reader into a MacBook, none of the pictures showed up.  It was just a bl...

Resolved! canon eos m50 mark ii vs nikon d5600

Hey all looking for some advice, I am looking to buy a camera to take some family shots and to be used as a hobby taking pics of scenery. I have narrowed it down to 2 cameras but unsure which is best. I have never owned a DSLR or mirrorless camera be...

ceva156 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Mark III 5D

My shutter will not open when I try to look through my Viewfinder. Please help! I can take pictures through the screen but when I switch back to the view finder, it is black.

Cannon Eos Rebel T7i Cannot Playback Image

Hello Team,When I click a picture from my cannon T7i it gives me a preview for few seconds and few moments later there is just a question mark "?" and it says "Cannot Play back image". I tried transferring the pictures to my laptop I noticed that the...

750d won’t upload

Hi there, just came back from holiday and tried to upload my pics from my Canon 750d to my computer but to no avail, for some reason the computer is not picking it up at all. I tried my 650 and that was fine and I transferred the card and that worked...

EOS M200 lense jammed

Hello! I recently dropped my EOS M200 camera while the lens was zoomed out. It's now stuck in the middle position and a bit off kilter. I am unable to zoom in or out. The rest of the camera works just fine. Does anyone have any at home solutions to f...

Help! Rebel EOS T7 is very blurry!

Hi there,I put a lense on my camera then took it off and put the original lense back on then all of a sudden the picture became very blurry. I didn’t change anything from when it previously was working. AF is on and when I tap the shutter to focus it...

Resolved! Viewfinder goes black

I have a Canon EOS RP. Today when I went to use it, no image showed up on the viewfinder or back screen until I pressed the shutter button half way. Then the image went away in a fraction of a second. If I go ahead and press all the way, it takes a p...

Jim_C by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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