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Canon R6 writing JPG instead of RAW


I've been using my R6 for a while and I usually write RAW to both SD cards. Recently, I decided to try writing Raw to Card 1 and JPG to Card 2. R6 strangely malfunctioned and 31 photographs in Card 1 were saved as JPG instead of Raw. All photographs in Card 2 were saved as JPG (as instructed).  Anyone encountered similar ?


31 photos were saved as JPG instead of RAW31 photos were saved as JPG instead of RAWMy camera settingsMy camera settingsMy camera settingsMy camera settingsMy camera settingsMy camera settingsMy camera firmwareMy camera firmware




Just a guess, but did you by chance remove card 1 from the camera? (and close the door).  If you remove the card and close the media slot door, the settings for storage will change.  I'll bet this is what might have happened.  The trick when doing this is don't close the media slot door 😀

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Greetings Shadowsports ,

Unfortunately no. The cards were inserted before and left untouched until after the shoot. Its a perplexing issue .. . 



What were you photographing?  Were you using any of the special features that are only captured in JPG format?

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Hi~ Thanks for commenting. I was photographing an event and I was mostly in Manual mode. Unfrotunately, I'm not aware of any special features for JPG format so I guess no ? haha...


Double-checking that you've intended to capture C RAW (Compact RAW) instead of RAW.

What types of SD cards are you using? Full-sized or micro with an apapter?  The latter can cause issues.

I would recommend resetting the camera to factory settings; perhaps some setting got changed or corrupted.


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Hi rs-eos~

Thanks for commenting.

  • Yes I've been using CRAW because they save more space and haven't had a problem before (until this time?"
  • Both cards are Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB . Full sized and not very old either. Bought maybe a few months ago.
  • I see.... I guess if push comes to shove I guess I might have no other choice. This is such a strange problem....





"I would recommend resetting the camera to factory settings;..."


Always when things don't go according to plan and there doesn't seem to be a good explanation. Reset it to default settings and start over.

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Hahah the golden rule.

I was hoping to maybe get some insights and see if anyone else had a similar problem before reformatting since it was such strange issue. But yes, ultimately it might be the only solution haha.  

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