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Resolved! RP Touch screen unresponsive in some positions

Hello, all of a sudden my Canon RP touch screen has become unresponsive. I can't control the focus points (that feature is on in the menu), and I can't even tap on-screen buttons such as Q. UNLESS, I flip the screen out and rotate it 180 degrees (sti...

chex by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

80D Built In Flash Pops Up But Won't Fire

The built in flash on 80D pops up in Auto mode but won't fire.  I put "built in flash on" in the on mode and it will pop up but not fire.  I have been using 430EXIII RT and everything has been working fine.  Been shooting in P mode and built in flash...

Toznator by Contributor
  • 38 replies

Camera Connect to iPad to Zoom workflow

Because of Covid19 I have been asked by a client to be able to livestream photshoots to Zoom (or some other meeting app). I usually shoot to an iPad via Camera Connect because I do not usually like to be teathered to a laptop.Is it possible to connec...

BobM222 by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

t7i USB charging

I've gone on vacation and managed to forget my battery charger for my t7i at home.  Can the battery be charged over USB or am I going to have to find another charger somewhere?

torch621 by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Resolved! EOS webcam utility: Live-streaming on Twitch

Does anyone use a Canon DSLR for live streaming? Canon recently released the EOS Webcam Utility Beta which now allows you to live stream using specific models without a capture card. I’ve downloaded it and tested it using the M50. Works well in OBS (...

Canon EOS Rebel t6 or lens issue?

My Canon 75-300mm lens gets blurry when I try to zoom in on a subject.  I tried to have auto focus adjust the picture but still shows blurry only when zoomed in.  Could it be an issue with the camera?  lens, sensor or mirror?  I tried cleaning all of...


Thoughts on Canon EOS Rebel T6

Hello guys, I'm looking into buying my first profesional camera and I found this one. I don't have a big budget so I think it might be a good option. Have you used it? Is it good for beginner's photography? I would really appreciate any comment. I'll...

Grid lines

I have a canon eos rebel sl2, I have using it for a while now. But suddenly I cant seem to see the fifth menu in the shooting settings that enable the grid lines..!! Can anyone help me out? tell me is there anything wrong with my camera??

Self Timer Light

When shooting at night and have 2 second dely shutter a flashing light goes until picture taken. Very annoying at night. Is there a way to shut off.?

chief by Rising Star
  • 4 replies

Rebel T5i Audio Issues

I am having an issue using a microphone with my Rebel T5i. I had been filming a video using a wireless lavelier microphone with no problems. Three hours into filming and the sound went out. I replaced the batteries in the lavalier mic and switched it...

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