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Canon EOS M6 Mark II Record and HDMI output at the same time


The camera has 3-HDMI output settings.  and they seem limited.  

'With Info'... 
'Clean 4K'
'Clean 1080P'...

Ok, so why not just 'Without info'... since the 'clean' options are so limited.  Because, is it really so, that I need to use special software and hardware to record in the 'Clean' modes?  I just want to use the cameras-card to 'Record' in the 'With Info' mode, but then there is the limitation of the junk being all over the HDMI output screen.

Is there 'hack' that I've missed? To get around this limitation.  Obviously, my purpose is to record on the card in the camera, while at the same time to output to an HDMI (without Junk... on the screen)


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I don't believe that you can do that without an external recorder (along with your external monitor) to record the HDMI output. 

this is upsetting.  nothing should prevent me from recording to camera's card.  just because i'm outputing to HDMI.  I did buy a Elgato capture device, and I have to bring a separate laptop just for recording. (all I feel should be unnecessary.)  For 1 event...or future events of mine, if I use this camera to project and record.

This is a hardware limitation in equipment where video is a secondary feature.   For maximum flexibily with various video solutions, either use a camcorder or cinema camera.


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Hardware limitation?  It feels more like a "software limitation" than a "hardware limitation".  Because as stated you can "record and output HDMI" in the "With Info" mode.  The only issue is the INFO "junk" will be on the resulting screen, which is undesirable.
As to buying more equipment.  Well of course I could get more expensive video equipment.  But being a aspiring Photographer, or wannabe, I have that equipment already, I have trouble understanding the limitations... in the "software" (and yes I don't think its the hardware).