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Resolved! EOS RP flash sync issues

Hi all, I was recently contacted by an IG eos RP user regarding this issue and I tested it out today, and realized I too have this issue in my RP.  I was taking pictures with off camera and on-camera (external) flash, and any image above the 1/180 sy...

Crey23 by Contributor
  • 19 replies

Help, 7D Mark II can't shoot anymore

Hello, hoping someone knows what happen to my camera. Had a little bump and after that all I see when shooting is the attached photo. Any idea what is it? Can I fix myself? Mirror looks good. Dont see anything out of whack in there.Thank you

fotonews by Contributor
  • 13 replies

77D Wont turn on

Hey Canon Community!I have an issue with my 77DI shut it off for 5 min and then tried to turn it back on but it just doesn't !Tried everything, checking batteries, cheking SD cards and all those small little clicks that are next to them. I changed le...

gintelis by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

6d mark ii VS 7d mark ii

First Post Ya'll, I'm an outdoor enthusiast on a budget trying to decide between the 7d ii and 6d ii. I'm thinking better light with 6d, full frame.  I hike alot and backpack... so need it Weather Sealed. I do take some moving animals: geese, owls, d...

Auto Focus

I have a Canon D80 and the auto focus keeps moving in and out of focus when trying to shoot. I have changed glass and used Canon and Tamron glass but it continues to be a problem. Is there a quick fix or do I send it in for repair. 

Steve77 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

M50 time lapse

I put the camera on "movie", go into the menu to "time lapse movie" and change from disable to either scene 1, 2, or 3. I adjust "interval/shots" and other settings as per the manual. I exit the menu, point the camera at my subject and push the red c...

Resolved! 1dx mk 3 noisy and slow shutter speed

Has anyone had any issues with the shutter speeds of a 1dx mk3. It is noisy and seems to be only shooting at about 6-7 fps even on maximum (16fps)and sounds like   something is catching inside.  It is fine on live view and  all the soft shooting opti...

Micro adjustment

Hello, I was wondering if you have to redo micro-adjustment after you've cleared your camera settings? While I am familiar with the steps, I would much prefer not doing it cause it consumes time and effort.Thanks,LV

limvo05 by Rising Star
  • 4 replies

AI Servo for Single Shot focus

I use back button focus and AI Servo when shooting wildlife. If a subject is very still while I’m in AI Servo I might focus and lift my finger from the button to freeze the focus.I watched a recorded workshop from a very talented photographer. He was...

pcather by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Resolved! 70D EOS utility download

I just purchased the 70D and want to connect it with my Macbook for easy file sharing, but my laptop does not have a CD-ROM drive. I downloaded the utility off the website, but it won't allow me to run it without the CD-ROM that came with the camera....

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