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R5 wifi radio not connecting to Computer with Canon's Web Camera Utility installed


Great Day I'm currently seeing an issue with the canon r5. Before installing the web cam utility newest version the r5 connected to the EOS Utility just fine being able to remote shoot etc. Soon as I installed the latest web cam utility it stopped connecting. Has anyone else had this issue? Only thing that fixes the issue where it reconnects to the computer with no problem is uninstalling the web cam utility. I'm using windows 11 on a fairly new surface laptop studio computer. 



The Webcam Utility requires the USB cable connection from the camera.  It is not possible to use both wireless communication and USB communication simultaneously.  When you go into the camera menus to enable Wi-Fi, then USB is disable and vice-versa.

[EDIT]. The camera is not capable of automatically switching between Wi-Fi and USB communications.  You must go into the menus and make the appropriate selection.

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Great day that is correct for example. I'm not trying to use them at the same time. Use case example. I had zoom meeting so I downloaded the webcam software and that worked fine. After that was done and closed. After that was going into the menu to connect to my laptop via Wi-Fi it shows the camera Network, lets me connect to the computer, but it never finds the camera on the initial connection to even set up the laptop. I've done it plenty of times before but for some reason I believe something with the webcam utilities blocking it.0 is still connects to my phone fine and it also connect to the same computer using the same method without the webcam utility installed at all