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Overexposure issue with SL1/100D


Hey everyone!


I just bought an SL1/100D, for now I use it with a stock 18-55 mm DC III lens. I seem to have an overexposure issue as I go from 18 to 55 mm, this is illustrated well by these two images below. I shot this in P mode but it's the same in auto or Av.


At 18 mm, the camera sets 1/60 s exposure and ISO 800. At 55 mm, it bumps to 1/30 s and ISO 6400. Is this normal behaviour for SL1/100D with this lens? Or do I have a faulty camera?


The diaphragm does work correctly, I tested it. I have also run through all four metering modes, swiched the lighting optimizer on and off, etc.


Would appreciate your advise guys.










Well it's certainly overexposed.  Did you check your exposure compensation?  It might simply be bumped up.


The changing of the exposure is normal, and could be more pronounced depending on which metering mode you're using:


By changing the focal length you change the composition, which in turn changes how the camera analyzes the scene and decides the settings.  In the wide angle shot there is far more of the white wall in the scene, which brightens the scene and requires less "exposure".  When you zoom in on the dark desk the camera has to change the settings to up the exposure.

Thanks for the reply! Nope, the compensation is zero. And I actually reset the camera to factory settings just in case...


BTW I have noticed that when I use Live View the closeup photos end up nearly perfectly exposed all the time, while the same exact frame will be overexposed by a huge margin when I use the viewfinder. Why is that?


I did try different metering modes but they always overexpose, just with a different grade. Always "too much", unfortunately.


I am trying to understand whether this is normal for this model or I have a faulty unit.

Here is the same scene shot at 15 mm in live view and with the viewfinder. Notice that the first one is perfect and the second one is clearly overexposed!





Have you checked your exposure compensation?  Please confirm that it isn't set to over-expose before we go chasing rabbits down holes.


Second, with the LiveView, try holding your thumb over the viewfinder when taking a photo.  The ambient light that leaks in through the viewfinder and throw off the exposure, it can lower it a stop or two.


Try addressing both of these, if it's still different, I think you'll be needing to call tech support.  That's a significant difference in exposure you're getting and you're definitately over-exposed.

Also, are you shooting RAW or jpg?  BTW, including your EXIF data in your photos would negate our need for these details.

I am shooting in RAW, posting unprocessed. If I shoot in JPEG, the issue persists. 

can you post both photo with full EXIF intact?
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As I wrote in my previous post, yes, exposure compensation is 0. I did already try to cover up the viewfinder when shooting in live view mode, makes no difference...