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rebel T1


Hi I cant take pictures in Automatic Focus mode......They look blurry also before to shoot in the LED screen it doesn't focus

please help 


thank you.



First check that you're in AF mode.  There's a switch on the lens to choose between manual and auto focus.


The blurry could be a couple different things.  It could be that your camera didn't lock focus, but it could also be that you're shooting in a dark environment and the camera had to slow the shutter speed down to get enough light.  IF the shutter speed is too slow you won't be able to hand hold the camera and get a crisp shot.


Posting an example image would help us see what's wrong.

^^ This


Make sure the switch on the side of the lens labeled "AF/MF" is in the "AF" position.  


Also (but less likely), if the camera has been switched to "AI Servo" mode (instead of the factory default "One Shot" mode) then the camera will be willing to shoot a picture as soon as you completely press the shutter button -- even if the camera has not had time to focus.  This behavior is called 'Release Priority" (or "Shutter Release Priority" -- meaning prioritizing taking the shot when the shutter is pressed.)  In "One Shot" mode, it uses "Focus Priority" which means the camera is to prioritize ensuring focus has completed BEFORE it takes the photo.  Sports photographers prefer "release priority" but if you aren't shooting sports/action and moving subjects, then "focus priority" is preferred.


The reason I think this is not likely your issue is because if you simply half-press the shutter button then you'll see the camera try to focus and it's just a matter of giving the camera enough time (and it's typically very fast to focus).  BUT... if the camera does not even TRY to focus, then it's likely that AF/MF switch is in the "MF" (manual focus) position.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

thank you so much for your fast reply....

AF MF is ok checked 

clear enviromental checked 

one shoot instead priority checked 


when I half press the shooter it doesn't focus the camera tries but it get stuck ..........but if I change to manual focus is good ......but Im not professional and I need to use AF...


I heard in the forum about the word you Know what can be?


thank you, thank you

Do you, by chance, happen to own another lens you can use to test?  The focusing motor may not be working on your current lens.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

@cintiareyes wrote:

I heard in the forum about the word you Know what can be?

Well, there's exposure lock (AE Lock), flash exposure lock (FE Lock) and autofocus lock (AF Lock). Assuming that you're referring to AF Lock.  On dSLRs this can refer to two things:


  1. When you half press the shutter button the camera will focus and if you keep it held you can lock the focus so you can recompose. 
  2. Some cameras allow back button focus.  That is, use a button on the back of the camera to lock the focus instead.  I don't think the T1 can do this.



The "locks" are very brief... it would almost be better to refer to them as a "hold" rather than a "lock" because they aren't permanent.    When you "lock" the exposure or "lock" the focus system, the lock only lasts as long as that next shot OR until you've allowed the camera to go idle (e.g. release the shutter button for about 5 or 6 seconds).


If you were wondering if you had managed to "lock" the focus at some distance -- that would not be the case due to the temporary nature of the "lock".


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da