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Need help with focus area - Canon EOS M50


I am a tattoo artist photo quality is important so after some research i picked up a canon eos m50. 
after having issues i was told yo get a 50mm lense with adapter for closer photos. My issue is the camera will always focus on a small point so the outer area is always blurry. It’s driving me crazy every tattoo image is either crisp in the cener or top or bottom of the tattoo an the other parts blurry. I take pics of an entire sleeve or arm an lower crisp an top blurry or vice versa. Idk what to do. If im too close the came wont focus an if im to far its not crisp.the last time i purchased a canon was the film model rebel back in early 2000’s i never had this issues nor with the cheaper nikon part pix. Why am i spending all this money between the cam the additional lens an adapter an i still cannot easily get a clean pic in 2023? I know im not the brightest but this is ridiculous.  Please if anyone can help im needing help



I think you need a much wider focal length, which should increase your depth of field at close shooting distances.  I think the EF-M mount had an ultra wide angle zoom 10-18mm, or something similar. 

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Sorry im clueless. So there is no way to get the green box to cover entire area on say a 4x8” area? Seems a waste since its like 10% of the photo in some cases. 


Hi, I think the problem you are describing is a narrow depth of focus at the aperture (f stop number) you are using.  Select a smaller aperture on your 50mm lens, say f11, focus on the centre of your subject and take a shot, all of the subject should be in focus.  Setting the camera to Av mode with f11 aperture, and Auto ISO should produce a greater depth of focus, 


Greetings Tat2abe,

The issues you are describing are due to your photography experience, not a problem with the camera. Those Issues aside, the M Series has been discontinued by Canon.  Before you embark further on this platform, please take this into consideration.  An R series body would be a better investment. 

Lenses have what is called a minimum focus distance (MFD).  It varies by lens.  This is the minimum distance your camera / lens can be from a subject and achieve focus.  The F stop or aperture controls the amount of light that is allowed to strike the sensor during exposure.  That duration is controlled by the shutter speed.  Using a higher F stop will improve depth of field.  Depth of field is the amount of sharp focus in front and in back of your subject. As an example, when you take a picture of someone's sleeve (arm extended) and focus at their elbow, the F stop you select can affect how much of the person's wrist and shoulder will be in focus in comparison to the elbow where you've told the camera to focus. The camera will not be able to focus reliably on a subject if you are trying to shoot a subject, person, art, etc, closer that what a lens is capable of.  It has nothing to do with your aptitude, but instead depends on the capability of the lens.   

F stops (aperture) are backwards 😀🤔

A maximum aperture is listed as a lower number, a minimum aperture, a higher number.  (example)

Maximum f2.8 (bigger opening)<<<<<<<< >>>>> f22 Minimum (smaller opening) Generally speaking minimum is softer, maximum is sharper.  Meaning what is in front or in back of your main subject will be softer or more sharp.


I think Waddizzle's recommendation about the lens choice is correct.

 I'm sure with some time and a little practice, you figure things out 😉     

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I thank you all for the help an info. After youtubing best cam for tattooist maybe 2yrs ago i the canon m50 came up an the best buy worker who was titled the camera expert by staff also suggested the m50. Now after youtubing the m50 im seeing a bunch of before you buy or why not to buy the m50. On many of them they mention an autofocus issue. Many  suggested the focus feature does not work well when using 4k. So since i have changed to 1080p. Although i have not had a chance to use it on a client i have noticed the focus box or green square is much quicker to lock on an also much larger. Im hoping this will allow some one like myself to be able to point an snap a good pic without having to take a course in photography lol. 

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