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Radio signal interference in video audio on R50


I recently bought an R50 mirrorless camera to use for video. However, I am finding that I am picking up a lot of radio frequency interference in the audio when I record video. This occurs using the onboard mic but it is much stronger when using an external shotgun mic, and in these cases I actually pick up local radio stations in the audio!

I have used this mic successfully with my old Canon DSLR (T3i) and did not experience this interference. I have tried using airplane mode (turning off wi fi and bluetooth) and I am running from battery. I used the camera in a different location (out of the city) and did not experience as much interference, but I do need to use the camera in my studio in the city.

I have returned this camera as it was within my return window, but I still need a new camera... could this have been a fault with this particular unit, and is it therefore worth me trying a different R50? Or is it the compact / non-metallic nature of this camera body that makes it less well grounded / less well shielded from RF interference, and if so, would I have more luck with a larger body such as the R10 or R7?

Or is it simply that the mirrorless cameras have less RF shielding and I should stick with, say, a 90D.

Many thanks.



I've honestly never heard of this before. I could understand if it was happening with a cheap wireless mic, but the onboard mic should not receive any FM radio interference at all. How odd. 

It's a wired Rode shotgun mic. I've uploaded a sample video so you can see what it sounds like. My guess would be that it's picking up an AM signal and that the mic / mic cable is acting as an antenna, with insufficient (or faulty) grounding in the mic jack and / or audio path. If it's something that nobody else has ever reported then presumably it's a faulty unit?



for sure. glad you sent it back! 

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