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Eos Rebel t7 Flash Problems


I recently got a Eos rebel t7 and my camera is giving me a hard time taking pictures with the flash on. If I do the automatic setting and the lighting is low, the flash pops up but refuses to take a picture. The flash does a couple annoying and quick flashes but won’t take the picture. What should I do? 



It sounds like the lighting is inadequate. The built in flash is providing what is called an AF Assist Beam. The camera will rapidly pulse the built in flash (Intermittent Flash Firing) for AF Assist. What are the lighting conditions like also what lens are you using please provide the FULL NAME of the lens you're using. If you're using the kit lens it should start with EF-S 18-55mm in the name. But Canon has made multiple versions of the lens over the years. So the full name is important so we can help you. Canon also has used multiple different types of AF Assist Beams over the years.

  • IR/ Infrared (not really infrared its just a red grid pattern, mainly used on external speedlites)
  • Intermittent Flash Firing (this is what the built in flash uses and some external speedlites)
  • LED (used on EOS R series cameras and certain speedlites)


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