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EOS R6 Mark II Face Detection AF Not Present


Do you have any idea as to why the face detection AF is not present in R6 Mark II?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello rsnarla,

Face detection AF is available on the EOS R6 Mark II. Simply set Subject to Detect to People which will prioritize the faces or heads of people as the main subjects to track. When a person's head or face can no longer be detected, the camera will attempt to detect and track their torso. 

I can understand why the OP is puzzled. The Face+tracking AF point selection is no longer an option, when choosing an AF point or area, like it is in the R5 and R6.

I have the lens control ring set to cycle through focus points on my R5 and 6, which makes it easy to switch from fine single point to face+tracking. I haven't played much with the R6 mark II, so haven't figured that one out yet (it's my wife's camera), but the mark II has quite a few changes in the way it works over the R6.