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EOS M50 Freezing/Crashing randomly


Hey! Thanks for taking a look at my post.


I've been having this crashing or freezing issue with my EOS M50 camera whilst Livestreaming with it. (Image at end of post)


  • I use a 22mm lens.
  • I have it connected via. USB to a PC to stop the camera from shutting off after 30 minutes using EOS Utility.
  • I also use a power adapter so I don't need to change the battery all the time.
  • I also use the HDMI out to a video capture device to capture the image from the camera's view. (Not record)

This issue occurs at completely random intervals. It can be 30 minutes, 2 hours or not happen at all for 6-8 hours.


Anyone have any idea as to whats going wrong here?






Hello, have you changed your camera since then ? or have you fixed the problem ?

Contact Canon Support.
"The right mouse button is your friend."

This is for future reference in case anyone search and find this thread. Hopefully my post here can help you finding more knowledge on your camera.

Here are the possible problems why your camera is freezing or crashing:
1. Check your computer task manager to see the usage of your CPU and rams. When you're running EOS utility, OBS, and other programs, your computer needs to have enough resourceful power to handle everything.
2. Check your cables, especially the ones connecting to your camera. These do go bad and may cause malfunction.
3. Check the temperature of your camera and its sensor. This can be a rare problem, since no youtuber who used the M50 ever have this issue even after over a year of live streaming and video recording over the limit of 30 min.

do you have a m50 and have been live streaming with it. if so how did YOU fix your issue



I'm having the same problem except I was recording and then the screen went green like that and then wouldn't turn on so I left it for a day and it turned on but after 5 mins it would freeze and turnoff

did you find a way to fix it?

Hello, what have you done since? Has the problem been resolved on your side?


I have also had this issue with my canon m50 on the latest firmware and 1.0.2. What's weird is that it is very hard to replicate the error when plugged into a battery coupler running power to the camera. It only happens regularly when running on batter power. I also upgraded to a 150mbps SD card thats twice as large and have not had the issue connected to a coupler recording for 30 minutes. I will test with a canon battery in the device and see if i get the same results and stability.

Heya, Did you find the issue or a solution?


I've had the same problem but I'm not livestreaming.  Recording video to a Sandisk 170 MB/s card and powered by a Canon Battery, video recording just stops unpredictably and the screen freezes into a green-ish color, files are lost. I've just updated to firmware 1.1.0 and I'm hoping that will fix the problem.

Yep, I have the exact same issue. Not sure what to do about it. It takes pictures well but after 5-10 seconds of video recording, it freezes to a green glitchy screen and then shuts off.