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EOS 60D Incorrect date and time on photos


I took a lot of photos on my Canon 60 D with the wrong date and time on the camera. Would appreciate advise on how to change the date/time on the photos already taken.



This is something you can do with post processing software. I use Lightroom and it has the ability to shift the capture time and date of a range of photos. So you find the first of the batch with the wrong time and fix it then Lightroom applies the fixed difference to all the others. 

If you need to fix the capture time in the file itself then I think a tool like Exif tool will do that for you. 

Brian - Canon specialist trainer, author and photographer
I use British not American English, so my spellings may be a little different to yours


Does this work with Photoshop Elements? Curious. Always good to know JIC.

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I don't know if this is possible with Photoshop Elements as I don't have/use it. I could not find the function to change the capture time in Photoshop either. 

Brian - Canon specialist trainer, author and photographer
I use British not American English, so my spellings may be a little different to yours

You need to see if that action is built in:

IF you are on a Mac, Photos can do this.


Time is many places in the meta data. Various programs read the time from different places while ignoring other times. Without knowing which program is displaying the time, it is difficult to know which time to change.

exiftool is free software. It is a command line program.

"Have you ever forgotten to set the date/time on your digital camera before taking a bunch of pictures? ExifTool has a time shift feature that makes it easy to apply a batch fix to the timestamps of the images (eg. change the "Date Picture Taken" reported by Windows Explorer). Say for example that your camera clock was reset to 2000:01:01 00:00:00 when you put in a new battery at 2005:11:03 10:48:00. Then all of the pictures you took subsequently have timestamps that are wrong by 5 years, 10 months, 2 days, 10 hours and 48 minutes. To fix this, put all of the images in the same directory ("DIR") and run exiftool:"

exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal+=5:10:2 10:48:0" DIR

"The example above changes only the DateTimeOriginal tag, but any writable date or time tag can be shifted, and multiple tags may be written with a single command line. Commonly, in JPEG images, the DateTimeOriginal, CreateDate and ModifyDate values must all be changed. For convenience, a Shortcut tag called AllDates has been defined to represent these three tags. So, for example, if you forgot to set your camera clock back 1 hour at the end of daylight savings time in the fall, you can fix the images with:"

exiftool -AllDates-=1 DIR

quoting is different on Windows than on macOS or Linux.


-globalTimeShift SHIFT
Shift all formatted date/time values by the specified amount when reading. Does not apply to unformatted (-n) output. SHIFT takes the same form as the date/time shift when writing (see for details), with a negative shift being indicated with a minus sign (-) at the start of the SHIFT string. For example:
    # return all date/times, shifted back by 1 hour
    exiftool -globalTimeShift -1 -time:all a.jpg

    # set the file name from the shifted CreateDate (-1 day) for
    # all images in a directory
    exiftool "-filename<createdate" -globaltimeshift "-0:0:1 0:0:0" \
        -d %Y%m%d-%H%M%S.%%e dir

For more examples and discussion: