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Canon R6 Freezing Up Intermittently


Anybody else having this problem with the Canon R6 freezing up. It usually starts with the camera not focusing. Its also becomes none responsive to mode changes. The on/off button doesnt work. Opening the battery door shuts it off... but still doesn't fix it. Pulling the battery out usually fixs the problem right away. But again... not always and sometimes it take a few battery removals to get it back up and running. 

This has happened while shooting both photo and video. It happens with different lenses. It happens with different memory cards. I can't recreate the problem on command. The camera works 99% of the time. But at least once a wedding shoot, over the period of 6 hours, It freezes up!

In the video below... I was attached to the Ronin gimbal. But it's happened just shooting photos and without the gimbal. Plus, when I open the battery door and try and turn the camera on/off... it still doesn't work. Has nothing to do with that.

I was on firmware version 1.4
I updated the firmware this week to version 1.5.0.
This problem has been happening for a long time... 8 months. Camera is less than a year old.

Again, at last nights wedding... it froze. 

Here is a video that I recorded when it happened.
1. Focus isn't working. Both back button and touch.
2. Display freezes up. You can still see the audio working.

3. On/off doesn't work.

4. open battery door... nothing works.

5. Pull Battery

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I have 2 R6's as well and I'm thinking the cameras belong in the trash. 

Same here.  Tried all suggested solutions. Nothing works.

I actually haven’t had this happen in quite a while.  So I’m not sure exactly what I’ve changed, but so far it’s been a bit with the R6.   I did have it happen with an R5 I was using back in July but not on the R6 for a bit. Knock on wood!

How is one supposed to get all these parts to try swapping? 

The freezing issue as we can see from this thread is reported by several users here and other forums.

I have not seen one place where Canon have acknowledged it as a know problem or listed it as a fix in any firmware upgrade. They continue to behave as if it is fiction.

I’ve heard people send their camera to canon, they keep it for a month and send it back claiming that they can’t replicate the issue. So they blatantly are ignoring it. 

Been there and done that. Me too.


Are you using a Canon RF lens?  If not, are you using  one of the Canon mount adapters?  If at all possible, try testing it using only Canon lens gear.

What brand, type, and capacity is your memory card?  Beware of buying memory cards, camera batteries, and other small electronic camera accessories on sites like Amazon.  Lots of counterfeit gear out there that does not work like it should.


"The right mouse button is your friend."

The problem has happened with the ef-rf adaptor as well as with RF-lenses.

Now I usually use the newer LP-E6NH batteries with it. I do have half a dozen of them... so I will have to label them and track which one is in the camera at the time of failure. I don't use a battery grip as mentioned above. The only solution to fix the problem when it happens is to remove and re-insert the battery to get the camera funcational again.

I also use SD-Cards and have a dozen of them. Like the battery, I would have to track which cards are in the camera at time of failure and see if there is a pattern of a specifc card. They are all name-brand Lexar or Sandisk and some are 300/mbs and some are 170/mbs. Again... would have to track the card at time of failure. 

The problem is very sporadic. I use the cameras mulitple times a week and the problem pops up about once a month. 

You didn’t exactly answer the questions.  Are you using all Canon gear, or not?

What brand, type, and capacity is your memory card?  UHS-I?  UHS-II?  Tell me what to go buy so that I can reproduce your issue.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Yes... all Canon equiptment. Camera, adaptor and lenses both RF and EF.
UHS-II memory cards.

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