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Canon A1 tune up price?


My son is wondering about how to shoot pics on film.  I am the original owner of a Canon A1 that I loved back in the day. I haven’t used it for 20 odd years and I think the shutter is sticky. What price would I expect for a general tune up and cleaning for just the body? Where’s a good place to send it out to?

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Would be hard to guess about something like this.  Primarily because you might have difficulty finding someone who is capable or willing to work on a camera this old. 

Try garrys cameras in illinois.  Shows a flat fee of $78.  Note: I have no experience with this company


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The A1 has a red light next to the shutter.  If it doesn't blink several times per second, the battery is low.  If it is blinking several times per second, then you have a different problem with the shutter.

Curious - what is everything set at on the camera?  Are you in bulb mode?


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The battery is so low, I get no blinking lights. Measured by VOM outside the camera the voltage is about 0.2 v, instead of the 6v it should be. The camera is set to 1/500, F8, ASA 400, not B but good guess. My by-ear timing was a while ago, but without a good battery all bets are off. Thanks for the suggestions.

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