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Canon 70D suddenly won't turn on




I was very frustrated yesterday when I found out my 70D just stopped turning on. I have a plugged in battery that I often use with it, thought maybe that was the problem, but I tried the battery that came with the camera and it didn't turn on either (though it is fully charged). Worked well just last week, nothing out of the ordinary then...


I tried to find things on the issue on the Internet, but could only find two solutions that didn't work for me:

-Try and see if the door "clicker" was stuck, it didn't seem to be. I tried to move it a little bit with a pen like a lot of people did in their videos, but that didn't change a thing.

-Change the lens and SD card. I only have one lens and one SD card, so that's just not a viable option for me. And I'm certainly not gonna buy another lens for a camera that doesn't work just to see if maybe that will get it back up again.


Does anyone have any idea what I can do to resolve this issue? I used it less than 10 times, it's so annoying that this could happen for a product in this pricerange...


Thanks a lot in advance!



The lack of lens or card won't keep it from powering up so try it with those remove to rule out a problem with them.


At one point, Canon was replacing 70D motherboards with a revised part because the original was failing generally after heavy video usage.  That sounds like maybe your situation since you were using adapter to power it probably for long periods of time.


Contact Canon so see if that free repair applies to your camera.  Scroll to the last few pages of this forum thread if you haven't already found/read it:



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That would definitely apply! I've been using it as a webcam for the past few weeks since I don't have one. I'll check that link out for sure!

I also tried turning it on without an SD card and a lens and it din't work.

Thank you so much for this advice!!


@lpwave wrote:


Does anyone have any idea what I can do to resolve this issue? 

I would stop wasting time and energy on posts and links. You need to contact a repair shop or Canon itself and get the camera evaluated. Good luck. 


Check your serial number using the following article:


Canon U.S.A., Inc. | Product Advisory Detail Page


 If use of the camera is subsequently continued, a state may occur in which the camera’s power does not turn on.


Do as the guys recommended and get the camera to Canon.  It might be covered under warranty.  

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