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Black screen after photos?


I have a Canon XTi digital SLR...I know, it's old. Still, it has been my best friend for many years and taken countless photos. I never had issues, til yesterday, all of the sudden. The camera focuses just fine, takes a picture, even triggers the flash as expected...but when you look on the viewfinder to see your shot, or even on the computer through a card reader, the picture is completely black. I'm an avid photographer, so it's not user error that I can tell. I have changed lenses, camera cards, batteries, modes for name it. It sounds like everything is working just fine, as it always does, aside from the end result. To me, it seems like the result of a shutter that isn't opening, though I can hear it, so that begs the question, 'what is going on?'


If the answer is just 'time to trade up', while I hate that, I get it. I am just hoping I might be able to squeeze a little more life into it, as I can't really afford a Mark II or III and my girls are growing daily...and I can't go many days without documenting the awesome things they do.




Update, if I fiddle with the AI servo/one-shot/AI focus button, it begins to work. I feel like it is just a stop gap and the camera is dying. Does that help to diagnose what might be happening?

Upload a black picture here.

I just took this. Manual focus, 1/60, ISO 400, AI Focus setting. If I toggle between the the AI focus/One-shot/AI Servo, it sometimes fixes the issue for the next photos I take, but it seems that if the camera is turned off or set idle for a while, it reverts back to black photos.



It is completely dark. I would say, as you did, that the shutter won´t get opened. I don´t think it will help, but you can try update firmware and also remove the date battery.


Time for a new camera.